Dave Windsor of Cornwall Ontario SUMMER Driving Warning LTE July 28, 2015

LTE ULetter to the Editor
Every year from time to time, we hear or read about traffic warnings.  They can be about snowmobiles or all terrains in Winter and in summer, about motorcycles, bicycles or skateboards….in all cases, it’s the rider who is at risk.  Let’s say the aver4age vehicle weight is approx.  3,000 to 5.000 pounds (okay, x 2.2 for kg.).  Add to that the speed of said vehicle coming towards you.  What do you get?  Well, you get anything from messy bug on your window or a body bouncing off your grill.
I was driving down Lisieux St. (St. Theresa’s Church at 13th St.)  as I came to a stop just behind the sidewalk.  At that precise moment, a young lady approx. 16 swished directly in front of me using the sidewalk for her bicycle transport.  In one of her hands were two ice caps on a tray while her second hand had fortunately kept her bike steady as she carried on as if there were nothing to worry about.
Needlessly to say, I was in an instant state of shock as she continued on her merry way.   As I moved on, I could feel my whole psyche and my body tense up.  I pulled over to catch a breath.  I was fine.   I thank the Lord I did not hit her or she me.  Poor girl could have had a double hit as I could have sent her flying into oncoming traffic onto 13th St..  One can only surmises how that would have turned out.
I tell you this story as these situations are from what I hear from others, all too common.  Those like me must stay vigilante when driving.  Slow down sooner, come to a complete stop before advancing past the sidewalk before easing out to the lane of heavier traffic.  Yes, the girl was absolutely wrong for speeding directly through my lane way with out stopping to check, however and admittedly so was I for  not being more observant for the sidewalk too.
Be safe, let this experience be a warning to you too.  Summer ain’t over until it’s over do think of it as summer year round when approaching intersections.
Have a safe summer.


  1. Happens a lot. And bicyclists wonder why motorists have no respect for most bicyclists.

  2. Having a biased judgement based on one isolated incident resolves nothing. and only offers prejudice. People Bend and break the rules, laws/by-laws and etiquette frequently, regardless of the mode of transportation. It happens on a bicycle, in an automobile and even a pair of shoes. People need to be educated about the proper procedures to follow whie interacting with eachother on the road and pathways. I personally use an electric bicycle and witness on a daily basis, vast differences in the level of ignorance people have in general during there commute. The above mentioned is indeed a wrong and unsafe way to commute which creates tension and poor attitudes towards eachother. Everyone should slow down and obey the laws no matter what way they are traveling. So “cup holder” your hortons, leave your cell phone and make-up alone and stop at the STOP signs. A few seconds lost can save a life.

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