Mulcair Wins Predictably Limp Maclean’s Leadership Debate by Jamie Gilcig AUG 7, 2015

The Maclean’s City TV Leadership Debate limped its way through the evening.   It wasn’t long, and it certainly wasn’t deep in scope.

There was some grade school cheese with the sets having a blue background and the hosts wearing blue ties.   Nothing like some subliminal suggestion for the really dumb viewers.

Elizabeth May as per her usual swam circles around her opponents which is why Mr. Harper is playing debate jiggy games this election.    You can’t blame him as he really is in a no win situation as she has no real power with her one elected seat.  He’s not about to go to battle with her.     Watching Ms May in action though  begged the question as to why she simply doesn’t join the Liberals as she’s clearly leader material.  She scored a big point against Mulcair regarding him not answering her clear question on pipelines.

Justin Trudeau actually looked nervous.  Many of his answers were delivered in a faster mode than the other leaders.   With poll numbers where there are the pressure is clearly on him and showing.   In this election his political future is not based on improving seats but in regaining the number two slot or winning.  He certainly didn’t appear to capture any hearts and minds with his performance which featured some jabs, but no real punches.

He fumbled the ball regarding Mulcair’s “What’s your number Justin?” response his Quebec separation question.

Thomas Mulcair was the winner.   While he started out a bit tenuous, as though he was focusing on handlers suggestions, the forced smile quickly faded as his scissor like responses started to bite.

His “What’s your number Justin?” tort clearly was the biggest shot on a night of few shots.


Stephen Harper, as incumbent clearly was in a no win situation which is why all the debate drama this election has served him well.

He was in a friendly venue with a clearly friendly moderator     He handled Trudeau speaking over him well and didn’t drop the ball, even when under attack.   He didn’t really defend his position nor really advance it.

To see the debate on the Maclean’s website click HERE.

Did you watch the debate?  Who do you think won?  You can post your comments below.


  1. agree on all points. especially about May. she might have done well as a Lib candidate. Trudeau hasn’t a single strength for the contact sport that is politics. Mulcair is an excellent communicator with “presence” and Harper has incumbency on his side.

  2. I didn’t watch the debate. Watching political debates is like watching paint dry….boring. Actually watching paint dry is more exciting!!

  3. It was nice to see the Prime Minster opposed the foolish/money grabbing “Carbon tax”. Thanks Prime Minister!

  4. Most pundits are saying that Trudeau came out ahead because he exceeded expectations, and he was wearing his pants. I thought Harper had the best (sh!t-eating) grin.

  5. Trudeau’s watch word was “trust”. Trust the Liberals – no way. He was proud of what Premier Wynne’s Liberals had done to Ontario. She has put us in the poor house, and we are proud of it. Shame, shame!

  6. I think Harper was the winner. He was not interested in May nor Mulcair but was interested in Trudeau. I found Mulcair wishy-washy. Trudeau does not stand a chance against Harper.

  7. PTN…..Harper hasn’t met a tax he doesn’t like. Give him time and he’ll figure out how to implement a carbon tax.

  8. Newton, we are into a federal election, not a provincial election. And the last federal Liberal government had the deficit under control and left a hefty surplus that Harper flushed down the toilet almost immediately after taking power.

  9. “…had the deficit under control” – You mean Martin? The famous bookkeeper of Jean Chrétien! What a joke. Well informed, I see.

  10. Newton, your grasp of Canadian federal politics is phenomenal! There’s no way to successfully dispute your razor-sharp political observations.

  11. Author

    Btw, congrats Furtz as you’ve had your 2005th comment published!

  12. Do I win a free pizza or something?

  13. Nobody had the deficit under control by anybody as PM Chrétien and Martin as well as the present Harpoon Harpo – not one. It is all smoke and mirrors. All three or four of them are all dancing puppets for their masters at deception.

  14. yes Jules. Paul Martin never produced a balanced budget in all the years he was finance minister. Whatever you say.

  15. Jules..,…please do some research before saying things that have no basis of truth.

  16. Furtz this will be a bit off the topic but if you go on you will see that Harpoon Harpo said that if he is elected again he will stop the travel of Canadians going over to parts of Iraq and parts of Syria. Someone said that this is done in Australia. I thought that people should know because not everyone reads

  17. Author

    I’m not defending Jules Hugger, but if our politicians can spout without researching first, why not Jules? 🙂 Rhetorical question….

  18. Jules….people should know when they book their travel. Their travel agents, etc. should tell them if they intend on going to a banned location.

  19. Dang!! Guess I’ll have to cancel my flight to Syria. Thanks for the heads-up Jules.

  20. Furtz….you can always go to Cuba. It’s “open” now. I remember back when I was working for the feds I was planning a vacation. I chose Cuba as my destination. But I was told by my director that I could not go to Cuba due to my security clearance. My first thought was “are you serious?”

  21. Hugger, I’m on a fixed pension so my traveling budget is limited. Hoping to visit Montreal this fall if Dear Leader doesn’t declare it off limits.

  22. Furtz you never know what “dear leader” will do or say next. When I read that I was in shock. You have a good point that maybe Harpoon Harpo may restrict us going over to “la belle province” and then what are we going to do. I think that there is something strange in the air these days with all the wackiness going on. You can’t even get a decent PM, nor a decent mayor.

  23. Furtz….you could probably rent a row boat in Miami.

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