Clement Fumbles First Big PR Event of Election – Snubbed by Freeholder as Trudeau Visits Highland Games by Jamie Gilcig

CORNWALL Ontario — It’s been a bumpy beginning to the campaign for Cornwall City Councilor Bernadette Clement.    She’s been part of a council this term that has attacked family ice rinks at Christmas and made National news again for getting jiggy with worm and lemonde selling kids.

Her riding president, Jamie Labonte, was also active in a facebook hate group.


bern worms

Ms Clement has refused comment regarding Wormgate.

Add to that the last term when the lawyer was part of what has been termed one of the most dysfunctional and corrupt councils in the city’s history and is it any wonder the talented fully bilingual former Montreal resident has been up for higher office or appointments every term she’s been elected to council?

She also played a pivitol role in the city’s 33 year old public gallery see its funding cut to zero this year.

To add insult to injury the front page of the Tuesday Standard Freeholder featured Liberal leader Justin Trudeau front and centre but no pic with his candidate or even a word of her in the Sun/Post Media daily story even though she was at the event and pictured with him on her facebook page.

Ms Clement nearly finished third in the last election but this time has bolstered her campaign team with former candidate Denis Sabourin.   Mr. Trudeau has seen his poll numbers tumble since she signed on for a second run for MP against incumbent Conservative Guy Lauzon.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Does Bernadette have a chance for victory here in SD&SG?  You can post your comments below.



  1. This province currently in entwined in a love affair with Premier Wynne and the Liberals. They were rewarded with a clear majority for their love and respect for the Ontario taxpayer. So does Bernadette have a chance for victory? I would suggest that voters will see the love and reward Bernadette will a massive win after all this is the party that wants to end prohibition on cannabis and has developed budgets that balance themselves (credit Trudeau for that one).

    Or not.

  2. {MODERATED} Sorry Ryan. You chose to be active in the boycott/hate group. Live down to it now.

  3. Anyone that has followed Bernadette’s political hobnobbing will have noticed that her liberal party connections are a very small demographic… she can take “pride” in that gang of hangers-on all she wants, but it’s a connection to politics and to the liberals, that is as shallow as she.

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