Mike Bedard & Bob Noble Nailed in Ashley Madison Leak – Have You Checked Your Email Cornwall? by Jamie Gilcig

bedard & justin trudeau

CORNWALL Ontario – Local bad boy Mike Bedard, formerly of many pool business incarnations was nabbed in the Ashley Madison leaks.  The website was created so that married people could have hook ups and affairs.

A website that allows visitors to type in any email address and see if it was comprimsed showed Mr. Bedard’s gmail address.

Mr. Bedard, now divorced, was not available for comment.

Those on the list were not limited to the younger crowd.

Retired senior Bob Noble’s email address (bobnoble@hotmail.com)also turned up comprimesd.

Bob Noble Marie rainey

The passionate Conservative is pictured above with his live in….love, Marie Rainey.

He too was unavailable for comment.

Have you checked your email address to see if it was on the list? Or your spouses?     The leak has caused controversy with a lot of high profile government emails showing up.

We will update as we discover more people on this list.


Mr. Noble called up one of my legal reps with all sorts of nasty threats.

Mr. Noble or anyone can feel free to enter any address into the page and check to see if they’re on the list.





  2. Bob Noble? Seriously? Too funny!
    I notice the FB hate group seems to have gone quiet. They must be busy with other pursuits.

  3. LOL LOL. ROLF! I don’t know if this is serious or is Jamie pulling a fast one. The look of that supposedly woman on the right is so mighty ugly that I almost barfed. Oh My God Almighty some people are mighty desperate for sure. This world is so mighty sick in the mind. I haven’t checked my e-mail but got the news right here. I wouldn’t be surprised at Mike Bedard’s divorce after what he did to the people of Cornwall.

  4. Yes, Furtz, it’s like a graveyard over at the hate group. Something to do with the election maybe? Even though some local municipal politicians actually “won” by driving (using the site admin as their puppet) a cyber lynching of a newspaper editor…all the while cloaked in the garb of a boycott group. Boycott, my asparagus. They read and share every single story on CFN. That’s the only funny part. The rest is ug-ug-ugly

  5. Jamie do you wonder if maybe they mighty be UFO’s? LOL LOL. ROLF! Truth is stranger than fiction.

  6. Furtz….it seems they’re down to 4 members. I think they’ve gone to a “closed” group, so they can’t be seen be Joe Average. The last posting to the group was in late July.

  7. Problem is some of the supposed snitch sites, are just collecting e-mail addresses… not a good idea to use them to check on a cheater.

  8. Hollyweird’s Rob Serling would have loved that picture for his “Outer Limits” series on TV.

  9. I have to wonder if they have all been swept up in some sort of “rapture” event.

  10. It seems like that mighty strange group has a “very lonely hearts group” going on where nobody wants them and being so ugly that they can only relate to one another. After Bedard divoced I guess he had no where else to turn but to this mightly lonely hearts group and try to make a living. That woman looks like something mighty frightful to wake up to. This should have been posted for Halloween. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  11. Jules, I don’t see where your personal attacks on a woman you don’t even know are relevant to this conversation. Feel free to post up a picture of yourself so that we can all judge and shame you.

  12. Furtz we could donate some brooms that they could all ride on for that secret rapture. LOL LOL. At least we could be rid of them all. What a site for sore eyes.

  13. Jules, I wish that you would not attack looks, You never know what a person is already going through & my guess is that her plate is already full.

  14. Careful…

    Some of the cheater lookup sites are scams — If you really need to know what’s in the Ashley Madison Dump, then download it and see for yourself.

    The returns from at least one snitch site do not match the contents of the dump.

    Don’t get burned by the scum that are on Ashley Madison or from the scammers and crooks that are monetizing the hack.

  15. Maybe that’s a transgender gone bad.

  16. {MODERATED} Colin is a nasty little hater. Sorry Colin. Only reasonably good boys and girls get to post on CFN. Those with rabies can go hang out with Earl Cowan and Bob Noble.

  17. Poor Bob. He seems pretty steamed (on his FB page} re his email address showing up on a hook-up site. I would be too. How do you explain that to your family and friends?
    NEVER do ANYTHING on the internet that you don’t want the whole world to see. And everything you do is recorded and retrievable for a long long time.

  18. Holy Jumpin’ Jules! Are you suggesting that Bob Noble might not be 100% hetero?

  19. LOL LOL ROLF! LOL LOL. ROLF! No furtz I was talking about that possible woman on the right. At Bob Noble’s age well I don’t want to say what I am thinking but if you and I have a similar thought then you can put two and two together. LOL LOL. ROLF! EUUUUUUUUUU! To wake up next to that would be a total nightmare. Compared to that I look more like Miss Canada. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  20. (MODERATED) Marc you chose to be active in the boycott group. You can’t have it both ways.


  22. Author

    Marc I’m shocked, Jules go too far? You should see the comments that don’t get through 🙂

  23. LOL LOL ROLF! All I have been seeing today not just on Jamie’s CFN but everywhere there is news about this system of getting hold of people’s e-mails and all I could do is roar with laughter at the comments that I made. Gee I affected all the old geezers out there who are mighty desperate for a mate of some sort. I am roaring with laughter to beat the band. Yes Jamie the bunch on CFN has not seen anything that I wrote or ltheir eyes would bulge out of their sockets and the insults would begin. No they haven’t seen anything. I sure do admit I am more like Miss Canada compared to many. I am having such a good time here like you would not believe. When you go on facebook things do happen and for a few years now I have listened to a man on the radio say that whatever you say on facebook comes back to you and to your employer.

  24. Jamie one morning my daughter and I went to the hairdresser’s to get our hair cut and one of the hairdressers thought that my daughter and I were sisters (I don’t look 64 at all) and my daughter was insulted whereas I was given quite a complement. My daughter looks like she is in her early 20’s and she is 35. My husband who is 70 doesn’t look his age at all and looks like in his 50’s. When we go to the hairdresser’s I tease Gina who gave me that lovely complement. This is a true story Jamie and this happened two years ago. The other hairdressers had a good laugh about that when it happened. I don’t wear makeup or any junk and I have never dyed my hair in my life and I have very little gray.

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