Clement Campaign Off to a Hot Start by Reg Coffey

Russell Manor


Morrisburg – Liberal hopeful Bernadette Clement kicked off her campaign to gain the federal seat for SD&SG today in the beautiful garden at the Russell Manor in Morrisburg. Liberal party supporters came out in the sweltering heat to cheer on Bernadette as she spoke about the Liberal party goals and the need to replace the current government.

She also appealed to those present to support the Liberal’s bid financially and by showing support in the community.

There were only a couple of other media present at the event, possibly due to the heat, but the cameras of the party faithful were clicking continuously. There was even a drone hovering overhead to capture images from the air. Ms. Clement indicated in her speech that this election will be waged in the social media more than ever before and the Liberals will be very active in it.


The atmosphere was energized with optimism and many of those present stayed on in the heat to continue the conversations about how the Liberals will govern Canada after the election.

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Liberal Supporters


  1. Um, Reg, how can she wage this campaign on Social media and boycott the largest media in her riding with more online traffic than probably all the other media combined? Now that’s funky?!

  2. My concerns with Ms. Clement leadership are based on her ability to make appropriate decisions when faced with complicated legal, moral and ethical issues. As part of the previous Cornwall City Council she was involved in the unanimous adoption of the Judith Allen Report. The findings in this report has little in substance or fact. It actually contravenes internal policy, Ministry of Health & Long Term Care legislation, documentation and court documents. Given my experience I really wonder how she would vote on similar issues at the federal level.

    Take care,

    Diane Shay

  3. Diane Shay you know all about what is going on in the health care department and you are highly intelligent and you can see through Bernadette Clément like I can and I don’t like that Caroline Hébert at all and cannot stand her as much as I can’t stand Frosty the Showman. Everyone on council are there for their own good just like that Hébert girl got family members employed. Bernadette is one smart cookie where my meaning is that she knows very well what she wants and is aiming for it and I knew that about her since a long time (I would say years ago just looking at her). This lady is highly educated and is not going to remain in Cornwall. All those with very good educations do not live in Cornwall unless they are pulled into some job by either their parents, siblings or people that they know. I know of nobody from my generation who has gone back to Cornwall except for a few that I can count on one hand besides those with no education except for high school. Everyone that I know of has left and left for good.

  4. Jules,

    Yes, I agree she is highly educated and is using Cornwall as a stepping stone but in the interim she must be accountable and responsible. As I have stated many times past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior.

    Take Care,


  5. Here we go again….Cornwall is all bad and good for nothing…..Nothing good ever happens here. We’re on the highway to hell.

  6. Diane you are absolutely right about what you said and yes she is using Cornwall as a stepingstone and she knows what she is doing. She is an opportunist just like that Hébert girl and I have no respect for any of them. I only give credit to Bernadette for her high degree of intelligence. All politicians nowadays are crooked. People ask why I am staying away from the polls well Diane that is why. Not one are strong as leaders and not one tells you the truth. Canada is in much bigger debt than what anybody can ever fathom. Now we have refugees pounding on the door to be let in and after living among a lot of them who have become gang members and the cops are scared out of their wits to have anything to do with them and they live off welfare and killing flies with their time. Bernadette knows what she wants and is going for it. Take a good look at Cornwall’s council which is mighty pittyful and laughable along with a weak kneed mayor and having a fraudster like Frosty on council to boot. I don’t trust any politician but I will say this and that is out of all the insane politicians on Parliament Hill the only one that has some capability is Harpoon Harpo and he isn’t to my liking but better than the rest. All the best to you Diane and take care.

  7. Painting everyone with the same brush is never good.

  8. Diane your comments are not without merit. When someone has displayed an inability to be effective at the municipal level how is it that jumping to the federal level is going to have any different results? The caliber of candidates in the three major parties have come under fire and the bar has been lowered to an embarrassing level. Honour has been replaced by creative excuses and self justification. Accountability and acceptance of consequences for ones actions is an “old school ideal” not reflective of today’s entitled society. Not the Canada I was born into. Times change and I accept that but I am struggling to see the good in it all.

  9. This morning I went to get my hair cut and then dropped in to pick up a few groceries and people were talking about the coming election and so many people were saing no to Justine Trudope and no to Thomas the Cat. Both the Libtards and the NDP are big spenders and we are already in big trouble. Winnie the Poo is already destroying Ontario and she did a good job at destroying it so far. Ontario became like the Atlantic provinces and worse. Yes I can paint Cornwall with the same brush because Cornwall has never advanced and always stayed behind. All other cities and towns went ahead and Cornwall is a literal farm. Only a very few people in Cornwall are educated and the rest are far behind everyone else.

  10. Diane there was a lady in the back of me at the grocery store today and she has been waiting for 5 years to get surgery on a bunion. Her doctor retired and she said that the young doctors are searching to be rich and go to the US instead of practicing medicine herein Canada and that is the main reason why we lack doctors. Now there is Obama care and it is a socialized medicine and people can no longer choose their own doctors under that system. I wonder how many of those former Canadians who have left for the US will come back because they will be mighty disappointed. The health care system in Canada like that lady said is horrible and needs to be changed where doctors stay in Canada instead of chasing invisible rainbows in the sky. You are absolutely right in what you said about Bernadette Clément and Bernadette is where she is because it is a place to bounce off of to other fields. Bernadette has her eyes set on much bigger things and has the encouragement of BOB as well as the doors to open through him. I have said it before that she was brown nosing around and she knows what she wants and will get there somehow. Anybody with ambition and education will not remain in Cornwall – not for long.

  11. Painting everyone with the same brush is no good. Doing that says EVERYONE is all the same. Last time I checked everyone is different. Yes, Cornwall as its issues, but so doe every town and city in Canada.

    At least our health care system is better than the U.S.A.’s. If you don’t agree feel free to move to the U.S.A.

  12. Hugger1 exactly how is our system better? Ours is considerably more expensive for essential services (basic measures). Are our wait times better? We are not as efficient in basic delivery costs as I understand it. Are our medical personnel better trained?

    In Thailand I believe the average wait time for a specialist is 11 minutes and you do not require a referral. Canada is better than what other country in what regard? Just curious.

    My experience has been that our administrative costs beat every other country although I fail to understand how this is something to brag about. I have some concerns about professionalism but Diane Shay could speak better on that point. While we are not the worst model we are facing some severe challenges as the boomers age and Ontario continues to cement its have not status. Perhaps health care should have been federal instead of provincial. The delivery system has been severally crippled by an out of control bureaucracy which axes front line staff to fuel itself.

  13. David Oldham….I was referring it was better than the U.S. healthcare system.

  14. Health care is one of the most expensive things in the entire world to keep going and yes our health care system is better than the US and I had many Americans who said the same to me on line. Many people in the US have lost their homes, cars, etc. because they had no money up front to pay the humoungous bills. Now there is Obama care and it is bad real bad. The best health care is that of Europe (German, France, Sweden and Norway) from people in the US who have experienced it but it costs big time. There is no free ride in this world. I wouldn’t want to be PM or President under any circumstances for any amount of money and you age 10 years into one. The health care system is a humoungous problem for most of us but at least it is there. We need doctors pronto and they are leaving Canada. Doctors go into this line of work for the money and they are not there for the rest of us. I see it in our own doctor who is elderly now and the things that he has to go through – he has to deal with the government all the time and it is a hell. You pay tons and tons of money to reach that level and your salary is not the greatest so they pack up and leave for better places. It is a huge problem that we are facing here in Canada and I don’t know how to fix it.

  15. One more thing about the health care system. When we went to live in Cornwall for a while in the 90’s era we met a Canadian man (young at the time) who went down to Florida on a trip and broke his leg. When he got to the hospital and found out the cost to fix his leg he found it much cheaper to hire a private plane to take him back to Canada to get treated. Yes folks you would be shocked to know the cost of things in the US – it is no place that I would ever step into at all. The grass is not greener in the US and the country is literally broke since 1933 and long before and has never recovered nor will it ever.

  16. That is what I was asking Hugger1. How is Ontario’s system better than than health care south of the border?

  17. David Oldham….I’m referring to cost-wise. It may be free here, if you believe in fairies. Our health care is free, BUT we pay a “premium” yearly for using it. Anyone who believes this is a “premium” and not a “tax” is living in a fantasy world. This “premium” is paid at income “tax” time, that’s the first clue. Second, this “premium” is income based, thus it is a “tax.” Yes, the U.S.A. may have some better services, but we are not required by law to have health insurance. The cost of healthcare in the U.S.A. Is too much. I was speaking with my wife’s niece’s husband. They used to have a very good healthcare plan until Obamacare came in. Their premiums, for a family of 4, went from $300 / month to over $700 / month. A little excessive I’d say. I have no issues with the care I have received or continue to receive from my GP or specialists. I’ve never had excessive wait times for any specialist.

  18. My husband’s nephew went to live in Los Angeles for a good eight years and before they had kids (this was in the late 80’s) their health care for husband and wife was $200./month. When they had kids started in the year 1995 their premiums went up to well over $500./month back then. The good thing is that they didn’t buy a house just a car and then left back to Lebanon. My daughter went down there for a visit in 1994 and that was the time of the OJ Simpson fiasco. My daugher was so mighty anxious to come back to Canada and wanted no part of the US at all.

  19. Hugger1…Health care in Canada is free??? Health care is part of provincial taxation plus surcharge and also part of your federal tax (transfer in payments). Health care is free technically to only those who pay no income tax (welfare recipients, etc.) The USA counterpart receiving relief also receives basic hospital coverage at no cost. According to government figures (not watchdog numbers) health care consumed 42 cents out of every tax dollar 2012-2013 and costs are rapidly rising (estimated 70% in 12 years).

    Factoring in the simple reality that the top income bracket is 20% less in the USA (34%) that mortgage interest on your principle residence is a tax deductible expense than the $700.00 monthly insurance plan (depending on which state costs fluctuate) is not so bad when you look at the yearly bottom line. Personally I would rather shop insurance companies choose my coverage and control my deductible to reduce costs than leave it in the hands of the government. But then I am a capitalist and not a socialist.

  20. David Oldham….please re-read what I wrote. I did NOT say healthcare was free “It may be free here, IF YOU BELIEVE IN FAIRIES. Our health care is free, BUT we pay a “premium” yearly for using it. Anyone who believes this is a “premium” and not a “tax” is living in a fantasy world. This “premium” is paid at income “tax” time, that’s the first clue.” The $700 I referred to in regard to my wife’s niece’s husband is with a vast reduction in coverage as well. There are a lot of things they had covered before (at $300 / month) that are not covered now (at $700 / month). That’s $8400 / year for healthcare coverage. If there was an increase in coverage I’m sure they could accept it. But there was a decrease in coverage. Totally unacceptable. But anyone who thinks the U.S.A. has a better healthcare system feel free to move there.

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