Wynne Union Expense Payments Beg Question from William Hopkinson of Cornwall – LTE Oct 29, 2015

Union expenses??
Seriously?? The government has been paying the various teachers unions “expenses” during contract negotiations?  How long has this been going on?  If my reading is correct it has been since at least 2008.  And to top it off this is being done with no accountability!!  When is the government going to realize that the money they are playing with is not theirs?  This is taxpayer’s money and MUST be used with prudence.  The taxpayers are not an ATM that can be tapped whenever a government or political party has a pet project that they want completed and don’t feel like paying for it out of their own pocket.
The government paying the various teachers unions “expenses” during contract negotiations is akin to me buying a house and asking the seller to pay my house inspection fees and lawyer’s fees.  The government does not cover other unions “expenses” during contract negotiations.  Why are the teachers unions special?  Was the government trying to buy the unions endorsements during election campaigns?
There are so many questions that remain unanswered about the government paying the various teachers unions “expenses” during contract negotiations.  Will we ever get answers?  I seriously doubt it.  Liz Sandals and Kathleen Wynne seem very good at putting the spin on this they want.  Hopefully the media can keep the pressure up until we get the answers we need and deserve.
William Hopkinson


  1. If anyone needs further proof that the teacher’s unions and the government are in bed with each other all they need to do is read today’s Ottawa Sun. Apparently the Wynne government is going to fund a a benefits trust to pay for teacher perks, called the Employee Life and Health Trust with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF). This “benefit” will cost us taxpayers $5 million dollars plus $300 per full-time employee will be provided in addition to that amount. Nepean-Carleton MPP Lisa MacLeod brought a motion that was passed in the legislature this week asking for Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk to investigate the controversial teacher contracts and payouts. It’s about time this abuse of the taxpayer was investigated. The teacher’s unions and the government are too cosy come election time.

  2. William Hopkinson the question is not so much when will the Liberal government of Ontario realize that it is taxpayers money but rather when will the taxpayer realize that the Ontario Liberals, for over a decade, have absolutely no respect for the taxpayer?
    McGuinty was excellent at delivering sound bits, telling us what most wanted to hear. Wynne, his understudy, has taken his style of politics to a new level and literally laughs at the taxpayer and was rewarded for her deception and disgusting arrogance with a majority government.
    Bottom line for me is that the government is not the true culprit. The electorate are responsible for the current situation. Unions backed the Liberals and are being rewarded. Why would we expect anything else but lack of respect when we exchanged our integrity for entitlements. Welcome to the land of Liberals.
    Expect no less from Wynne”s buddy Justin. Get out your wallet and learn to live on less. Refugees are more important than our own people that live in poverty to this new government and personally I find this disgusting and not the Canada that I will support any longer.
    As far as the results of any investigation are concerned, I would suggest that if your expectations are nothing then you will not be disappointed. Gas plants, E-Health, construction projects (mortgages), power lines to no-where, union payoffs ……the taxpayers of Ontario of more money than brains.
    As far as relying on the media for assistance all I can say is, really? I thought the electorate were supposed to be the saviors of democracy and truth. We have all become so apathetic and entitled that we can’t even stand up for ourselves and fight our own battles. What a pathetic lot we Canadians have become. I was born Canadian but damned if I will die as one.

  3. Yes, the electorate is ultimately responsible for the mess we are in in Ontario. The Cons in Ontario might have won if Tim Hudak wasn’t their leader at the time and hadn’t spouted the million jobs plan.

  4. Hugger, the Cons didn’t want to win the last two Ontario elections. Who’s gonna vote for a party that clearly doesn’t want the job of governing?
    David, you keep threatening to leave this horrible country. What’s holding you back?

  5. Wait until you all see what the liberal/fiberals are going to do and the taxes that all the sheeple will be forking out to pay for all that has to be done and paying for teachers who hardly even work. My God Almighty we have a mighty brainless society today – mighty brainless. Just wait you all haven’t seen anything yet and it is coming and that is so true.

  6. Here we go again. Don’t forget Jules you are one of the sheeple as the Ontario liberals will screw us all, not just a select few. I think Jules would have a good career as a fortune teller. So many of her predictions are so on. ROLF LOL

  7. Hugger my predictions have already started to come true and you will see more and more as time goes on. You are the one who burries his head in the sand and doesn’t want to see it for what it really is – you cannot handle the truth. I for one am not stranded with household debt and I have the means to buy what I want and I am not tossing bills up in the air wondering what to pay first. I am one who does not follow the herd over the cliff at all – I am very very independent and a straight arrow. I am very different to other people and that is the truth about me.

  8. Yeap, okay Jules. Your “predictions” have started to come true? I haven’t seen the New World Order yet. That is one you have been trumpeting the last few years, amongst others. As I’ve said before we can’t get parts of countries to agree how to do things. You actually think the whole world is going to follow one single way of doing things? Good luck with that one!! I haven’t seen one of your so called “predictions” come true or come anywhere near being true. I do NOT have my head buried in the sand. And I don’t want to see it for what it really is? Seriously?? And I can’t handle the truth?? Again…seriously?? You obviously do not know me at all. I am not stranded with household debt. Yes, we own a house, but it is a modest house. We, also have means to buy what we want when we want. And I do not toss our bills in the air and wonder which ones to pay first. All our bills are paid on time and are usually overpaid. Others may do that, but not here. I do not follow the people, or should that be sheeple, over the cliff. Reading and following these so called “experts” in newspapers and elsewhere is one thing. Learning to understand what they’re really saying is another. Everything you read / follow must be taken with a grain of sand and not be taken as being 100% true. A lot of “experts” spout stuff just to get read / followed by the masses. I refuse to follow the “experts” just because they say they are “experts.” If they can prove what they say then I’ll look into it. But until that time comes…..I follow the beat of my own drum. It’s like going to a fortune teller. Anything they say can be taken a number of different ways. They say you’re going to win money, but never say how much. Winning money is as simple as winning $2 on a scratch lottery ticket.

  9. Hugger all the wars in the Middle East is all the beginning of the New World Order and you are living in it. The TPP is also part of the New World Order. The Mexican invasion into the US is also part of the NWO. There is a great deal more as well. There is the World Bank being formed, the IMF, the United Nations is already part of the NWO and so many other things as well. Hugger hang on to your shorts because this is only the beginning of things to come.

  10. Okay Jules. You can believe that if you want. But don’t say I have my head buried in the sand because I don’t think it’ll happen.

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