Mario Leclerc States that Bernadette Clement Had Easier Ride – LTE Oct 29, 2015

Hello Editor,

RE: LTE: NDP did not provide enough change – Cornwall Newswatch

It is with great interest I read the opinion expressed by Brian Lynch which I agree in principle.
However, there are two elephants in the room that the author failed to mention for understandable reasons.
Who has moved the NDP to the centre-right , who has an abrasive style, who said one thing in English and another in French, who is against Energy East project in Québec but when asked by the media in the west said the very opposite.
Nationally the NDP lost its bid for government cause of the first elephant in the room, the leader himself.
The second elephant – locally, the NDP did very poorly.
The truth is in 2015 Bernadette Clement has much easier ride than in 2011 since I was not running as the NDP candidate. She stood aside until it was confirmed by Brian Lynch in the Seaway News that I was not running in SDSG to officialize her candidacy.
Mario Leclerc – Former NDP Candidate
Editor’s note:  Mr. Leclerc ran for the Green Party in Quebec in the recent Federal Election.


  1. It’s nice to see Mario Leclerc doesn’t have an ego problem. It may be inflated, but he definitely doesn’t have an ego problem.

    To me the NDP leader, this time around, was not an issue. For their run in 2006 they had Jack Layton as their leader. Sadly Jack is no longer with us. Any leader after Jack would seem to be a letdown. And that is not a shot at Tom Mulcair. There was a concerted effort to rid the country of Stephen Harper. Most people realized they’d rather have a Liberal government than an NDP government.

  2. Hey Mario, maybe time to eat some humble pie?

  3. Mario obviously doesn’t have an ego problem.

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