Lola the Yorky Saved by Four Local Women After Abuse Complaint in Cornwall Ontario DEC 1, 2015

Thanks to four brave women the life of a year old Yorkshire Terrier was saved, but alas her two puppies perished.

People that know dogs know that it’s never good for a dog to be preggers that young, and that toy breeds like Yorkie’s require a lot of extra care.

What is most disturbing about this was the drama that was entailed in saving “Lola’s” life and the weirdness that allegedly was the inaction, and then action of the local SD&G OSPCA affiliate and in particular Bonnie Bishop.

According to the women, Amber Courchesne, Summer Willet, Tabby Bozek, and Charalette Peterson,  on Saturday November 21, 2015 they were alerted to the distressed Lola whose water had broken nearly 24 hours earlier.

Amber wrote a detailed letter which she emailed to  (excerpts below)

“The owner had left this needy dog in a life-threatening labor for near 24 hours when finally, the owners daughter (Lee Ann Newell) contacted my partner (Summer Willett). At this point my partner and myself were asked to come over to take a look at the bitch, once we arrived it was very evident that she needed IMMEDIATE medical attention.”

“I called the vets in Cornwall, I called a vet in Ottawa, I called a vet in Alexandria, I attempted to reach the Cornwall OSPCA branch and was told over the machine to contact a different number, then very desperately I got a hold of the Martin town vet! I explained that this is NOT my dog, and that the owner is completely irresponsible, carefree, and was not interested in helping her dog get to a vet.”

“After Lola was sanitized, prepped and put under anesthesia the vet moved very quickly and professionally. He hurried to get the pups out when all of a sudden it was very obvious that the placenta was rotting inside the mother dog. The entire surgery room filled with an atrocious odor. Once delivered, the pups were severely distressed and lacked almost all signs of life, which is when we had to stimulate the pups for near 30minutes. The vet carried on to include us in his thoughts which included, it is not often he smells an odor like this from a bitch, he thinks she should also be spayed, and how her teeth were in such bad shape that it would be a good idea to have them pulled.”

Yorkie 2“The very next morning, we contacted the OSPCA and fully explained what was going on to a woman who was very understanding (I believe her name was Julie….) in case the chance that Pearl calls the police in anger about the situation. Which is exactly what had happened. Pearl contacted the police on November 24, 2015 (to my knowledge) and had ONLY stated that we had stolen her dog. She failed to mention her dog was sick, in pain, needy, on the floor whimpering… she failed to mention anything about the vet visit, anything about her being completely careless, and anything about the truth behind this entire story.”

Bonnie Bishop finally contacted one of the Women on the following Wednesday.  It’s alleged that she was not the kindest or most professional during that call.

Shortly thereafter CFN was contacted and our initial investigation showed an odd pattern that at the end of the day did not put the animal’s safety first including our contact with the OSPCA in Toronto.

Our call to Ms Bishop was not returned.

The red flags were simply why did it take four days for Ms Bishop or another officer from the OSPCA to contact any of the women regarding this case?

Why did it take four days to visit Lola’s owner(as confirmed in the email below) as that left a considerable amount of time to clean up or hide potential evidence of neglect including possibly moving some of the animals that had been present.

Why did the OSPCA send a different officer to inspect if Ms Bishop had already established contact as was confirmed by the OSPCA only yesterday?

What eventually happened is that Lola’s owner called the CCPS who confirmed that they asked the women to return the dog to its owner.    None of the women had wanted to keep Lola, simply re-home her to a home with care.

From Brad Dewar of the OSPCA

Good afternoon Jamie

I spoke with our officer who had attended the residence last week after receiving a report for concerns for animals at the property and concerns about the conditions inside the home.

On Wed Nov 25 an Ontario SPCA officer attended the property to checked on the welfare of animals and the conditions of the home. At that time all the standards, as set out in the Ontario SPCA Act, were being complied with. The dog that had been taken from the home had not returned at that time.

Today our officer did a follow up to check on the welfare of the dog and found that there were no concerns. Our officer also spoke with the Veterinarian who had treated the dog and the Vet reported they had no concerns as well.

At this point our officer has done everything to ensure that the animals are being properly cared for. The description of the conditions of the animals and the home that was provided to the Ontario SPCA was found to be unfounded. This case has since been closed.

The Ontario SPCA wants to remind citizens that should they have a concern for the welfare of an animal they are to call 310-SPCA and allow our officers to follow up accordingly under the Ontario SPCA Act.

Thank you

Inspector Brad Dewar #1689
Investigations Communication Officer

Animal care can be very expensive, especially here in Cornwall, but breeding young toy breeds purchased from a pet shop without vet care clearly would not fall under best practices?

Here is an interview which CFN conducted with the four women about the incident.


CFN would like to give kudo’s to Dr. Ian MacNaughton who lived up to his fine reputation in clearly saving Lola’s life and of course to the four women that not only came to her aid, but paid the bills up front.  It was confirmed that the owner’s daughter subsequently reimbursed them.

We also would like to remind the public that the OSPCA does in fact have a number for cases like this.

Brad Dewar shared:

“Its important for the public to call our 24/7 call center by dialing 310-SPCA (7722) and not the local shelter to make a report. There isn’t staff at the local shelters 24/7 but there is for our dispatch center.”

The final words in this story go to young Amber Courchesne

“If Lola is to be allowed back to the original owner (who I must confess has been called on MULTIPLE times over the last couple years) I will be EXTREMELY disappointed in the system and how they deal with situations similar to these. I am really hopeful at this point that this is taken into a very serious consideration and I thinks it’s in best interest for the rest of her pets to be seen by a veterinarian and be taken away from her. Following by a rule to have no more.”

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Should Lola have been returned to her owner or should she have been removed from the home along with any other animals in their owner’s care?   Should the local SPCA have showed up sooner and done a better job in investigating this case?

You can post your comments below.



  1. I am very proud of what these people did to save this poor dog. The owner of this dog does not deserve to have any animals in her house.Even the caretakers of this complex has called OSPCA as i have myself on a few neighbours. I do not believe they are doing their jobs properly.

  2. I have met Lola’s owner on several ovations and the living environment is not suitable for any animal nor child. The house in which Lola lived in was disgusting it stank of animal piss everywhere a stench that makes you almost throw up at the slightest smell, The owner rarely has money to buy food for her grandson in which she has custody for let along money for food for the animals to whom she has. If Lola would not of been removed and taken to the vet her owner would have let her die and continue to suffer in the amounts of pain she was in. Those animals have maybe once if not never been to a vets before at the sight of the situation Lola was in and the smell of that home there is no doubt that she does not deserve to have those animals . She cannot take care of the young boy she has living with her who has to breath in that stench everyday those poor animals.. Those animals should be removed from that home and sent to homes with family’s who have the intentions to love and care for these animals properly. I strongly feel like those animals are at so many risks and dangers to their safety while being in her care.

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  4. This is the most saddest thing I have ever read, A big thank you goes out to these four women especially Sunmer that didn’t think and just jumped into action to help this poor dog. As for the OSPCA and Bonnie Bishop I have absolutely no use for they have no buissness running a shelter I never dealt with her personally but have heard other horror stories about this women. if they have soooo much compassion for the health and safety of animals why is this poor dog still in the care of this women. These people took it upon their self to get the dog to the vet and paid for it. The idiot owner should not have pets and are the laws now you can only have two dogs? She has three and several cats. Once Bishop was told about the situation and showed vet bills right there and than the dog should have been removed. If anything happens to Lola will something be done than my guess is probley not. A few years back my daughter adopted a kitten from OSPCA two days later it took sick she brought it to the vet and it had respatory problems my daughter called the shelter and there answer was sorry to hear that thanks for letting us know. And hung up. FYI her cat is now 4 yrs old and healthy and his illness was resolved. Fact still remains this is how they treat and take care of their animals in a shelter. I do not donate nor will I ever support the Cornwall shelter. I have been in their and the living conditions are just as bad. So no wonder Bishop says the conditions of Lola’s home is fine the shelter is not any better. These four women should be recognized by the city of Cornwall for being heroes and seek out whatever help they can to have Lola and the other animals removed. The owner is just being selfish and ignorance of not letting the dog go. Hopefully it’s a happy ending and not a sad ending.

  5. I do not think that these ppl deserve to have this dog back at all she should be adopted to a good home where she will be loved.. I have several friends that have yorkies and they are high matience and require a lot of attention these animals are very smart when it comes to training and respond well. No these people should not get this dog back at all

  6. I looked at the video earlier and found that the people in the video should have an award of coming forward and helping the dog and finding a vet for her. The OSPCA has absolutely no heart and isn’t doing the job required to care for animals. The best vet is out of town and not in Cornwall. God help the animals who go in town – I remember the stories from dog owners about the situation in Cornwall. You can’t even find a decent physician for humans let alone pets. If it were not for us coming to Ottawa for my daughter God knows what would have happened. Nobody who cannot be financially well should have pets at all nor to be the kind of person who is very clean and willing to take on the responsibility.

  7. Author

    Jules all pets deserve owners. Not all are wealthy. As long as they do their best (which doesn’t have to be perfect) I’m fine with that. For some a pet is a crucial part of their lives. I grew up with animals and they are a gift.

  8. Jamie pets are a gift indeed and I love animals so much that I can sit all day with them and never tire unlike with a lot of humans. A lot of people are unable to care for animals financially and it costs an arm and a leg to pay for a vet – a lot of these vets get more money than physicians. LOL LOL. I hope that the young lady in the video goes through for a vet – you need mighty top marks, be extremely intelligent and good at math and sciences. It is a tough road but well worth it. Stick with your dreams young lady and you will succeed.

    Jamie you are absolutely wonderful with your pets and I sure love your little Fitzie – so mighty cute. Honest you are great with them and keep up the great work.

  9. Koodos to the doctor and to the 4 ladies that rescued the dog. When it is concern to Bonnie, I myself had issues with her and will never forget her name but I do see it has not changed and I encountered her 9 years ago! Koodos to all the people who saved the dogs life!! High Five!!

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