Wet & Freezing Rain Pummel Cornwall Ontario – ADVANCE Forecast for DEC 27, 2015

It looks like our 30CM snow forecast is turning to rain and ice as temperatures warmed up enough to let Mother Nature wreak havoc on the Seaway City.

Sunday will be a mixed bag of rain, freezing rain, ice pellets, and flurries.

Monday the sun will come out and expect cooler temperatures around -10 with up to 5CM of snow expected before the big blast on Tuesday!

Depending on if things warm up or not we can expect up to 20cm of snow in Cornwall on Tuesday.

The East Coast is expected to bear the brunt of the storm with heavy snow falls expected.

CFN will update as alerts come in.


  1. We’ll see.

  2. After seeing the weather report on CFN I decided to stay up a little longer and lo and behold freezing rain came down and then snow. Santa Claus did not have a good Christmas with bear roads and balmy temperatures but had terrible winds that would blow his sleigh and raindeers up in the air in no time flat.

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