Are You Ready for the First Big Snow Storm of the Winter in Cornwall Ontario? 20cm Expected by Wed DEC 28, 2015

Shops should be busy in Cornwall Ontario today as people prepare for the first big snow storm of the Winter with more than 20cm of snow expected before it’s over.

The storm, which traveled up from Texas, will be belting the city starting Monday night with temps warming from near -10 up to -2.

Are you ready Cornwall?   Especially if the power goes off as happened with the Christmas wind storm that impacted power in Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario?

The storm is expected to peter out by Wednesday.



  1. We’ll see. Different weather websites / outlets are predicting different scenarios. It partially depends on the temperature too.

  2. Predictions:

    Environment Canada: 15 to 25 cms.
    The Weather Network: 20 to 30 cms.
    MinuteCast by AccuWeather: 10.1 cms.
    Yahoo Weather: 7.5 to 12.5 cms.

    Whom to believe??

  3. Author

    Hugger I think you’d find that CFN has been as reliable as any other weather service 🙂

  4. What about the fire and brimstone and pestilence and floods that were supposed to destroy our province when Wynne took over as premier?
    In the meantime, it looks like we will be getting about five cm of snow followed by some rain.

  5. Furtz don’t get your shorts all tied up in a knot. Hang on for what is coming and I don’t know if it has to do with Winnie the Poo or something else but it will come. Fire and Pestulence has not left this mighty sinful world and I guarantee you that. Satan is the god of this world and that is why this world is a mess. I have been reading on the NWO and it is all in the Bible. I have been reading an entire article with proofs and I have so much reading to do that it is making my head spin. We are in the beginning stages of the NWO.

  6. Jules, you should ditch that out-dated silly book and read The Gospel According to the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  7. Furtz you are hilarious indeed. No I will not ditch the Good Bible KJV and will not be deceived by the Vatican nor the spaghetti monster. You are too funny Furtz and I love you for it. You sure make me laugh.

  8. Wynne’s the loser is destroying this province one tax at a time. Back to the topic, yes I was ready for the snow storm but once again the city was not prepared for it. Even the main roads were not done first thing this morning. Hey they’re too concerned in case a rink goes up in a front yard someplace. The city has priorities.

  9. I am all for the outdoor skating rinks but the plowing of the streets are priority. I am also for good transportation like buses and at all times and not till 6 p.m. or is it 8 p.m. that cornwall has them. I am also for putting buses outside of the city for people to have access to. Never mind the taxes but get something that people can use. I am for bike paths and not on streets and I am for good skating rinks outdoors for everyone to enjoy and not just a certain few. Many huge changes are needed in Cornwall and a new mayor with foresite has to be brought in and not some old geezer using it as a second income. It is long past time for good changes and throw away the old geezers to the dump and also people using council for their own personal gain. Big changes are needed and not crazy promises that don’t get filled. Everyone counts and not just a certain few.

  10. Considering this was the first major snowstorm I think the city did fine, but not perfect. You can’t plow until the snow falls and then you play catch up. No city ever has enough equipment when a major snow “event” happens. And not everyone will be happy with the job done. Be thankful we’re not in Mexico. They received 20 cm of snow. I can imagine how many pieces of snow equipment they have, probably none.

    Jules, our buses run until 11:30 p.m. on most routes.

  11. Hugger I heard no later than 8 p.m. so that is good news. I wish that Cornwall had a Voyageur Bus and good train service as well. I wish that there were buses to the boonies like Long Sault, Ingleside and such places outside of town.

  12. Here in my area in Ottawa the snow plows have been going on since yesterday without stopping. Can you imagine the rest of the city what is being done to clear the snow. We live on a residential street near two of the main arteries and I am watching the main artiries being cleared non stop. I don’t think that my little residential street has been touched or maybe I cannot see it from where I am situated and I didn’t go out on the balcony yet. The little streets are the last to be touched.

    Mexico and Texas does get hit now and then with a snowstorm and funny to see the Mexicans throw snow balls at each other.

  13. The “advantage” of living in the boonies, as you call them, is that you don’t have some of the services that larger municipalities have. That is inter-city bus and train service. According to Coach Canada’s website they do service Ingleside. As for Voyageur / Greyhound they do service Cornwall.

    In most municipalities the main streets / bus routes get cleared first.

  14. The Voyageur used to have a depot on Tollgate Road and then no more. It would be a great deal better living in Ingleside and such places. If I ever lived in the Cornwall area I would much prefer living out in the boonies and not in town. The city buses should service the boonies – taxes are way too high in Cornwall so they should do better things with the money. There is way too much stupidity going on at the town hall and nothing makes any sense. A much better mayor is desparately needed and not some old geezer who knows absolutely nothing.

  15. The Voyager /Greyhound stop is now just north of Cornwall Centre Road at the MacEwen’s. Then up along the 138 with various stops to Casselman and then to Ottawa.

    The city bus should serve the outlying communities. But to get an agreed upon service agreement would be an exercise in futility.

    As for getting a new mayor there are no laws in place for recalling politicians in Ontario.

  16. Here in Ottawa there is the LRT being constructed and buses are off schedule something awful especially with the snow storms. There is a petition out about putting more buses on the road since it is a necessity. The province and the federal government are pushing for public transit and it is going to be the future everywhere. Have any of you heard about Agenda 21 – all part of NWO. Yes it is all real and I am not joking about this. LRT should have been made years ago instead of waiting for so long. Ottawa is growing and in order for Cornwall and area to survive it is going to have to connect to Ottawa – there is no other alternative.

  17. LRT in Ottawa…’s on budget for now. But just wait a few years. This “Legacy” of Jim Watson will be sucking tax dollars very quickly. I can’t recall an LRT system that has come in on budget or for that matter stays on budget as it goes into service. Prepare to see your tax bill go way up Jules. And Ottawa should not be building an LRT. This “LRT” has nothing to do with transportation in Ottawa. It has everything to do with Jim Watson wanting a legacy project in his terms as mayor.

    Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. The important words in that statement are “non-binding” and “voluntarily.” “NWO??” Here we go again with the NWO. We won’t see it, if it ever happens, in our lifetime.

    Cornwall has to “connect” with Ottawa to survive? Seriously? We’ve survived so far without being “connected” to a big city. Some may like big cities. I despise big cities. They are nothing more than tax sucking entities.

  18. Hugger my daughter loathes Ottawa and likes Cornwall. My husband who was born and brought up in a big city prefers small towns compared to the big cities. My son and l like Ottawa but yes there are some advantages to a small place. My daughter and I went out a while ago so as I can purchase some material and the sidewalks here in my area of town are atrocious. Even the snowbanks are becoming very high and are high at the intersections and very dangerous.

    About LRT here in Ottawa the city is growing but I myself prefer regular buses and I myself don’t ride them very often and someone said that they were OC Transpo’s cattle cars and I have adopted that name ever since. The time that I take a bus is when I go to the doctor and such things but otherwise my husband will drive us to where we want to go or I walk in the area to go to nearby stores.

    My daughter goes back to her college on Monday and the buses are in a disorder with the LRT being built and bridges being repaired, etc. and OC Transpo has to put more buses on the roads and my daughter has to take a different route to downtown. Everything is so mixed up. The merchants on Rideau Street are cursing at the mayor because the customers cannot use Rideau Street to shop because of the LRT.

    I sure do hope that the NWO is not in our time but it may be unfortunately. Everything that is happening today is in the Bible whether people believe it or not it is true.

    That NWO is in the Book of Daniel and also in Revelations and some other parts of the Bible as well. There is Ezekial 38 and 39 about WWIII.

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