Will Habs Replace Therrien with Guy Boucher by Jamie Gilcig

Is Guy Boucher on the horizon for Habs fans?  With the team in a utterly devastating slump fans are starting to point their fingers at the coach.   Boucher left his coaching gig in Europe hoping to land another NHL gig.  The former Tampa coach was present for Steve Stamkos greatest season with the team.

Therrien went through a period like this in Pittsburgh where he ended up getting dumped after a cup run.

While part of the blame for the team’s current losing streak has to lie at the feet of the GM, Therrien clearly isn’t getting enough out of les boys, and while not in jeopardy of falling out of play off contention, yet, anything is possible if something doesn’t change soon.

The team has gone from leading the league to falling into the middle of the pack with their overall goal differential being cut in half, and their star players falling off the scoring leaders map.

While other teams have overcome injuries and slow starts this year Montreal seems to be finding ways to lose close games when not getting blown out.

First year Captain Max Pacioretty blew up with a F bomb during one interview, but his production has declined during the losing streak as well as Tomas Plekanec’s.    PK Subban has not “Won” a game which someone with his salary has to do every once in awhile.

via-medica-2-20151With spark plug Brendan Gallagher coming back from broken fingers, it should be interesting to see how much of an impact his return will have on the top six for Montreal, and if it will help take some pressure off of the defense?

Will Habs Coach Michel Therrien Finish the 2015/16 Season?

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What do you think Hab fans?  Can Montreal GM Marc Bergevin right the ship?  Will Michel Therrien finish the season?

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  1. Easier to fire the coach than replace the players that aren’t producing.

  2. While people moan about Carey Price’s absence I feel this is unfair to Condon. Sure you have to miss CAREY but it’s not the goaltending that has caused the bulk of the problem during the past month. There may be a couple of games that would have turned out differently if Price was in net. However, if your only scoring one goal a game your going to lose a lot more then you win with or without Price. The offence is the real problem. Condon has been good, for the most part, but he needs goal support. You can’t expect your backup goalie to carry you when your best players are not showing up night after night. Have anybody noticed how the opposing goalies are all good every game? That’s a reflection of the habs afraid of the dirty areas and general poor play and not always the other goalie.

  3. Author

    I agree Garry. By not having Price there though the team has tried to shelter him a bit which combined with their right wing woes has led to not doing what they had success with. They don’t have the same confidence to play offense like they did during their early success.

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