Habs Sink to New Season Low After Losing Two to Columbus by Jamie Gilcig JAN 27, 2016

No, those are Molson’s.   After this season I may never drink a Molson again.   While many focus on the injury to Carey Price, a mysterious injury, that most likely will not see the goalie back in net this year and possibly be a career changer we do have some answers.

Clearly this team without Price isn’t up to snuff.  While I’ve written about the needs of the Habs the bigger question to this is why can’t Habs GM Marc Bergevin or why won’t Bergy not address them?

If you’ve lost your key goalie is bringing in Ben Scrivens waiving the white towel?   What message does that send to your players, and their agents?

“Bergy” has made some a name for making minor trades that look good in headlines.   Little cap deals, tinkering trades.    He did bring in Vanek as a rental, and he did bring in Petry who some seem to think is far more valuable than he is, but at his cap hit isn’t that awesome a deal.

He’s invested heavily in the future of Nathan Beaulieu without any true indicator that he will be a first or second pairing D man.  He gave up his former 1st rounder in Jared Tinordi for nothing.

This isn’t to bash him per se.  It’s not easy being a GM in the cap age.   I think more are afraid of making a Tyler Seguin type trade and that’s jamming up the systems across the league.

I think this issue of character is something that needs to be dropped fast as last I checked you win Lord Stanley’s cup by scoring more goals, more times, than the other guys.    We have seen the character of this team.

They failed.

When the going got tough they chocked worse than the Leafs when close to a play off position.

They just lost two games back to back to the team that was worst in the entire NHL.   They did this at a time when they had just fallen out of play off contention.  In other words it was gut check time.

They played, for the most part, gutless.    They are not terribly well coached and their line combos make no sense.

If this season is a write off surely Alex Galchenyuk needs as much growth time on ice at Centre as possible or we have to either move him or officially say he’s a winger.

We have PK Subban and Petry on D.  Markov is aging fast and cannot be considered a top D man any longer.   That’s not to slur the veteran.  Heck, I still think the team would be better if they had kept Sergei Gonchar at his advanced age.

What the heck is Brian Flynn doing on this team?

The Habs are well supported with lots of cash in the bank behind them.   They should be heading towards cup contention.  They now are on the brink of team change if Carey Price is not to return to form and frankly knee or lower body injuries are pretty career threatening to goalies.   If surgery didn’t take place what are the odds of Price returning to form and what are the chances of the injury reoccurring?   Can the Habs even capitalize on him as an asset?

This year there may be no Canadian NHL teams in the play offs which should be alarming hockey fans from coast to coast.

The curse of Rejean Houle has come to roost again.

What do you think Hab fans?  Is there hope for this season?   You can post your comments below.

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