Does Council Really Need to Fund a $70K Study for Sunday Bus Service in Cornwall Ontario FEB 5, 2016

Does Council Really Need to Fund a $70K Study for Sunday Bus Service in Cornwall Ontario FEB 5, 2016

It’s odd.  We live in a City where we pay large salaries to city staff and managers and then elect a mayor and council to lead.

They then dump off decisions to even more pricey consultants.  Does this make any sense?  Maybe we shouldn’t have staff and managers and just hire consultants to run Cornwall?

Maybe we don’t need to elect a council and mayor either as they seem historically reluctant to take a stand on issues unless it’s election time and then quickly forget the issues they took a stand on.

In the end the old adage of getting the government you deserve comes into play, especially in Cornwall where we elected a councilor who when not kissing babies, seniors, and allegedly under age River Queens was allegedly forging documents.  We also elected an old hack who waxed poetically about JFK in a municipal election and reads magazines of his employer during council presentations.

The issue of Sunday transit isn’t really that complex.    You ask Len Tapp for cost estimates for three different levels of service on Sunday.   You ask Maureen Adams about the budget impact of those estimates.   You hold a public consultation with the public to see what they really wish.

The reality is that our city has a larger than average amount of seniors and people on fixed incomes who don’t drive.  Having them limited, especially in Winter, hurts the local economy.

People with less incomes spend more of it locally.   So while Sue Stewart and Economic Development (isn’t that a joke!) poobah Bob Peter’s wife go shopping in Vaudreuil Dorion spending their filthy lucre, but your average pensioner has to cough up for taxis if they want to go to a movie or restaurant in Cornwall on a Sunday.

And of course there is the shadow of the church regarding this issue, and the impact of Sunday being a day of rest which can’t be underestimated in a community that is predominately been born to the Catholic religion.

Frankly any of council that vote that they need a study should resign because clearly they have some leadership and decision process issues.  Could you imagine going to breakfast with one of these jokers?

Do you want Sunday buses in Cornwall?  Are you willing to see taxes rise for it?

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