Driver Charged Expired Tags, No Insurance & Marijuana Possession on Hwy 138 #OPP March 4, 2016


(North Stormont) – On March 3, 2016 at approximately 7:14am, an Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division (HSD) officer intercepted a vehicle for speeding on Highway 138, North Stormont Township. The stop resulted in the seizure of a quantity of suspected cannabis resin (hash).

The male driver, Christopher ROCHON (27) of McNab-Braeside Township was arrested and is charged with;

– Possession of a Controlled Substance
– Speeding (Highway Traffic Act)
– Expired Validation Tag (Highway Traffic Act)
– Drive Motor Vehicle Without Insurance (Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act)

He was released and scheduled to appear (drug charges) at the Ontario Court of Justice in Cornwall on April 21, 2016.


  1. Is this what the future holds for us when, and if the recreational use of pot is legalized. Get off the roads, the lawless dope heads are coming! Side walks won’t be safe either.

    Pro 20:1 “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise”. Dope heads – “whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise”. Christopher was surely not wise, was he!

  2. Yes Newton. The day cannabis is legalized is the day your god will start carpet-bombing Canada with fire and brimstone! Do you have your bunker all prepared and fully stocked? We live in scary times for sure.

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  4. Pastor Tom…cannabis is not something new. Surveys going back almost twenty years ago revealed that 80% of high school students had used cannabis. Cannabis did not go away simply because of prohibition. So what will change if cannabis is decriminalized? Governments will have a new “revenue” tool, people working in the black and grey markets will become legitimate employees who pay taxes and like people who consume alcohol people who consume cannabis will not be persecuted for their choice.

    Just as most who consume alcohol responsibly, cannabis can/is used in the same responsible fashion. Cell phone use will continue to be the largest contributing factor for deaths on our roads. Alcohol and cannabis will continue to take a back seat yet I don’t hear you condemning distracted drivers.

  5. You are absolutely right Pastor and just look at the pieces of crap who were racing on Brookdale Avenue with their vehicles and went up on the sidewalk and literally murdered the woman who was going grocery shopping. I know that marijuana is as bad as alcohol – it makes one impaired and intoxicated. I knew a man here in Ottawa who was a real bum from Lebanon and was driving taxi under the influence of marijuana and he even went up on the maridian and other drivers stopped him from continuing his trip before he would kill someone or himself and was a real loser and today he is dead. The Canadian people who voted for Justine Trudope are brain dead and I have said that numerous times on the net and that is true as God is my witness. Dope heads, brain dead idiots who voted for Justine Trudope. What a filthy society that we live in today and one that I don’t want to be a part of at all.

  6. David, trying to use reason with Newton is a futile exercise. 🙂
    The only problem with the government using cannabis as a cash cow through taxation, is that it is extremely easy to grow and process, unlike tobacco and alcohol. Few people will be willing to pay through the nose for a product that they can grow at home at almost no cost.

  7. Commenting on this site just got more difficult.
    David, how is the government going to cash in on taxes collected on a plant that anyone can easily grow at home?

  8. So, Jules….do you know something all of us living in Cornwall don’t? To accuse the drivers of the vehicles that ran over the woman on Brookdale of racing is a bit much. Nothing has been issued by the police as to what happened.

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  10. When a person drives under the influence of canabis or alcohol they deserve to be in prison for years to come. I have absolutely no feelings for the killers on the road. Highway 138 was a stretch of road that we used to take when we went ot Cornwall and I said no more Cornwall and we haven’t been there in a long time and I don’t think that we will go back. Highway 138 was getting worse.

  11. Jules…it’s not the highway that is the problem; it’s the drivers. Drivers on Hwy 138 (and most other highways) have very little patience. Getting stuck behind a “Sunday driver” or a transport truck for 15 minutes can do that to a driver. The province has sort of admitted it is the drivers and not the highway with the upcoming study on how to improve the 138.

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