Paleo Princess Kristin Blasiak Curry Spiced Lambchops & Crunchy Sweet Potato Chips

A strange combination, I’m aware, but I wanted to try some homemade sweet potato chips and I felt like the crispness would compliment the lamb wonderfully. Also, I figured I could make a refreshingly cooling dip that could be used by the lamb or the chips and tie the whole dish together.

Mission accomplished! The lamb was spiced with curry powder, salt and pepper and marinated in olive oil before bwing grilled to perfection on the Bbq. I fried the lightly seasoned sweet potato chips and made a quick sour cream, dill and chive dip. This all left me with an eclectic yet delicious dinner with perfectly balanced flavours and the best part? Leftover sweet potato chips for snacking later on

kris lamb chops march 16Ingredients

Rack of lamb

Salt & pepper

Curry powder

Avocado oil

Sour cream



Fresh lemon juice


Clean and separate the lamb rack.

Rub each chop with salt, pepper & curry powder

Place in a bag with avocado oil and allow to marinate

In a bowl, combine the sour cream with chives, dill and lemon juice. Mix to combine.

Grill the chops until desired doneness and serve alongside dipping sauce.

sweet potato chips


Sweet potatoes

Salt & pepper

Garlic powder

Onion powder

Vegetable oil


Slice the sweet potatoes as thin as possible with a mandolin.

Place on paper towels, without overlapping and season with spices.

Allow to sit and dry for at least one hour.

Heat oil in skillet and in non-overlapping batches, fry the sweet potatoes until crisp.

Allow to dry on paper towels and enjoy!

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