Community Coming Out for St.Andrews Firehall & Community Centre as Bancroft Sucks and Blows WED MARCH 23, 2016

A group of upset citizens have organized around the proposed St. Andrews Firehall and Community Centre.  With property purchased via the last council the long waiting residents want action after South Stormont Mayor Jim Bancroft has slipped and slided on the promised facility.

The mayor allegedly ducked one meeting with organizers who are calling for the public to come out in numbers at the Council meeting Wednesday March 23rd in Long Sault at 7 PM.

The Bancroft Council has been plauged by raising taxes, messy lawsuits, an alleged lack of transparency, and not fulfilling promises and giving council themselves a large raise early into the term.



  1. Surprise, surprise. He says he wants the hall, but that’s not the impression one gets when you read reports.

  2. Mayor McGillis was the better mayor and the stupid sheeple didn’t realize that at all. Well now the sheeple can stew in all the lies of Mayor Bancroft and company.

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