Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford HAPPY Easter! & Child Haven International MARCH 20, 2016


The tenants at Beek Lindsay Seniors Residence are collecting food for a local food bank as they do for Thanksgiving and Christmas each year also. Food collections are under way for various food banks such as the Salvation Army, Trinity Anglican Church Food Cupboard, Agape Center and St. Vincent de Paul Society. It is a great opportunity for us to share what we have with others less fortunate and make their Easter happier.

It is strange how you are doing one thing and it leads to another. Recently I came across the word ‘brouhaha’ in a cross word puzzle. The answer would take only three letters. It sounded like it would be ‘ado’ or ‘din’ but I had to look it up. It is of French origin apparently and means ‘noisy and overexcited reaction or response to something’…like ‘hullabaloo’, I guess. The three word answer then was ‘ado.’ Shakespeare phrased it as: “Much Ado About Nothing”. I always liked the word ‘hooey’ myself, as in,’What a bunch of hooey’. I always thought I made up that word but it is a real word and means ‘nonsense or foolishness’. We could rephrase that using the word ‘baloney’, I guess. Some people have another expression which we won’t use here. I will just stick with ‘hooey.’ ‘Hooey’ is not as formal, I guess, as’ brouhaha’ but packs a lot of meaning just when you want it.

Again, one thing leading to another. I was looking up a reference in my first columns of 2012 and found I had put in an article about getting bus transportation, even limited for Sundays and holidays. I had also referred to it again in later columns. The topic of Sunday transportation has come up again recently, now in 2016. Didn’t happen yet.

Child Haven International will be having a fundraising dinner on Saturday, April 2 in Cornwall. It will be held at the Ramada Inn, 805 Brookdale Avenue at 6pm and will be hosted by Bonnie and Fred Cappucinno and Dr. Nat Shah, all co-founders of this wonderful organization.

Child Haven International shelters, cares lovingly for and educates children in ten homes in India, Tibet in China, Bangladesh, and Nepal. They also aid and shelter some senior and destitute women and provide education for children not living in one of their homes.

James Ladouceur
There will be a silent auction, a bazaar and also musical entertainment. Fred will be in attendance to sign his new book ‘Bonnie and Her 21 Children’. There also will be a celebration of Fred’s 90th. birthday and Child Haven’s 30th. anniversary. And, with dinner also, this should be a wonderful festive evening. Tickets cost $60.00

Call Elaine MacDonald at 613-938-7763 or email her at for more information and tickets or contact the Child Haven office in Maxville at 613-527-2829 or online at

I can’t even imagine a child somewhere hungry, destitute, alone and scared. I can’t handle thinking about it. That is why, to me, the work Child Haven does is of the utmost importance.

Here are a few of the children pictured in one of the recent newsletters:

DF 1 march 20 16

Child Haven always ends their newsletter with a quote from Rabindranath Tagore: “Let me light my lamp, says the star, and never debate if it will dispel the dark.”

We were lucky when we were in High School at CCVS because we had teachers who stayed after school to run clubs and activities. I don’t know if they were paid or were able to take time off later on as would probably be the case today. I remember a stamp club, a drama club, and band and orchestra practice, Acapella Choir practice and of course, basketball and foot ball games with T-dances afterwards. It was a different time, though. There were no buses driving us to school or waiting outside to take us home. We walked back and forth from school regardless of the weather. You would see a line of kids on the street heading to school or going home. We had a lot of fun along the way.

The Motto for CCVS was ‘Labor Ipse Voluptas’ which is Latin and means ‘Labor itself is a pleasure’. Didn’t feel like it when you had a lot of homework to do.LOL

DF 2 march 20 16

Picture of Mr. Froats, Principal of CCVS in the 50’s and a gentleman friend.

Remember the Honeymooners? Saw one of their old episodes recently on TV. Jackie Gleeson, Art Carney, Audrey Meadows and Joyce Randolph.

So much fun. We had a lot of great shows on TV in years gone by. Who was funnier than Don Knotts or Dom De Luise!! Red Skelton. Art Linkletter. Alan King. Benny Hyndman. Lucy and Desi. Totie Fields. Paul Lynde. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Red Buttons. Phyllis Diller. George Gobel. Arte Johnson. Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore. The list goes on and on.

Remember ‘The Carol Burnett Show’ Carole Burnett, Vicki Lawrence, Harvey Korman and Tim Conway. Tim’s wit used to make his co-stars crack up and laugh. Lucy and Desi with co-stars Vivian Vance and William Farley in the ‘I Love Lucy Show’. ‘All in the Family’ was another one. And later ‘Seinfeld’. I miss the humour of the old sitcoms and comedians but fortunately we can click on these shows on the computer and also some TV channels and see them again.

Here is a cute joke:

God’s Problem Now!

His wife’s graveside service was just barely finished when there was a massive clap of thunder, followed by a tremendous bolt of lightning, accompanied by even more thunder rumbling in the distance. The little old man looked at the pastor and calmly said,” Well, she’s There now.”

Have a good week and a Happy Easter on March 27th.

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  1. I read your column faithfully and get such pleasure. Great job. Thank you.

  2. Dawn you brought out the best programs that were on TV. Today I don’t go near the TV because it is pure garbage. I miss the old shows – I am 65 years old and really feel it. I went out with my daughter and I came back exhausted.

  3. Hi Dawn. Thank you so much for your excellent article on Child Haven and for promoting our upcoming dinner.

  4. No disrespect intended and I agree that all humans regardless of location around the globe are important however 20% of Canadian live at or below the poverty line and literacy rates in Canada are not fairing well. Canada continues to slide backwards as it tries to save the planet. We need to grow stronger to survive, flourish and then assist others. IMHO.

  5. Mr. Oldham you said exactly what is right and in order to help the rest of the world we have to get our own people out of poverty and ignorance. In past years I have never heard about food banks and especially not here in Ottawa of all places but today that is all we here about and young people who cannot spell and leave school early and no education. Change the entire system.

  6. My daughter said just a while ago that we all have to work to pay for all the Islamic refugees that Justine brought over to live for free and our Canadians are losing their jobs and homes and ending up on welfare and living on the streets. Before any of you think about Nepal or anywhere else clean up your own backyard first. Our children have no future stuck in debts.

  7.’ve never heard of food banks in Ottawa? They’ve existed for at least 30 years in Ottawa. You talk about others having their heads in the sand. Canadians are not losing their homes, going on welfare and ending up on the streets due to refugees. Where do you get these ideas?

  8. {MODERATED} Jules please post about the subject of the story.

  9. If Canada was doing better than food banks would not be expanding their efforts to meet an increasing demand. When interest rates begin to rise donations to all charities will see significant decreases. Where will the Liberal nanny regime obtain its funding? That’s right they will borrow and borrow and borrow …………………..

  10. Politicians have a tough job. No matter what they do some portion of the population will be unhappy. It doesn’t matter if you’re Liberal, Conservative, NDP, Green, etc. someone will not like what you want to do. So, they should just try as best as they can. I would not want their job.

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