Ottawa Teacher TIMOTHY STANUTZ Charged with Sex Offence With Student MAY 6, 2016

Teacher charged with sex-related offences involving a student


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Section has charged an Ottawa man employed as a teacher, following an investigation into allegations that he inappropriately touched one of his students.

On May 6, 2016, the Sexual Assault and Child Abuse unit charged Timothy STANUTZ, 56 years old, of Ottawa with Sexual Assault and Sexual Exploitation. The incidents occurred while the accused was in the course of his duties as a teacher, while employed by the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. He will appear in court today.

Officers are continuing with the investigation and are concerned there could be more victims.

“The Ottawa Police will respect a victim’s wishes to pursue or not pursue the matter before the courts,” said Staff Sergeant Angela McDade, SACA. “The reporting of these incidents by victims to police is key for investigators to identify suspects and determine crime trends.”


  1. Spring has sprung! You can sure tell at this time of the year with all the sexual assaults or are they assaults and just women seeking attention. These sexual assaults are sure catching here in Ottawa and with men of the same or similar age group. It must be an older man trying to show that he can still do it. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  2. Jamie I have something here for you to listen to and it is about geoengineering and the wildfires in Alberta and the Himalayas, etc. The man on the tape is speaking about this and about Trudeau and the US leaders hiding the truth. The supers wife mentioned about snow in Arizona and my husband’s Lebanon is snowing in the mountains just now and it is cold there now.

  3. Jamie this geoengineering is mighty serious for the planet and most people are asleep watching the boob tube and falling asleep and watching dancing with the stars when our planet is in deep trouble. No US candidate or anyone is doing anything – they are all bought and paid for. Prince came out with this and look at what happened to him. Listen to it Jamie it is a matter of life and death.

  4. Author

    Jules here’s the deal. We created an ozone hole that may have shifted the jet stream. That has had an impact on our weather. There may be other factors, but in my opinion that’s always been the biggie.

  5. Author

    Jules your comments have nothing to do with the story.

  6. Jamie about sexual abuse going on in the schools is nothing new. I remember many years ago I wanted to get my son into cub scouts and I declined when I picked up the scout leaders voice and his manoeurisms on the phone – I could tell what kind he was. Boys get abused as well as girls. Scout leaders are known for that here in Ottawa and one was caught back in the 90’s era and was imprisoned.

  7. Jules, it is highly intolerant of you to base some ones character on the way they speak. This is something out of their control. Shame on you Jules.

  8. John Rivington I go by my senses and believe me sir I have never been wrong as yet. I have seen too much here in Ottawa as well as in Cornwall to know to be mighty careful. One man who was a scout leader here in Ottawa was arrested for child molestation and the charges went way back to the 1950’s era and back then people didn’t speak about these things like they do today.

  9. Author

    Jules you’ve been wrong lots of times, lol lol rolf rolf 🙂

  10. Jules, there is a word for that… ah, stereotyping! Another one.. Racism! Prejudice! Each one of us is unique, just because a person talks a certain way, walks a certain way, is of a different ethnicity does not indicate character. If so, then one could say all Caucasians are Rockefellers or Bush!!

  11. Jamie I have learned the hard way after having kids and had them with very bad babysitters and learned a very hard and valuable lesson. I went through hell and that is the truth. Now Jules stop crying I kick myself when I think about it. Your kids are the most important and you cannot make mistakes or it can do detrimental damage to them. I was very lucky and you don’t know how lucky.

  12. The horrible ordeals happened here in Ottawa just like in Cornwall, etc. You cannot be too careful at all in life. You have to know who is looking after your kids and where they are going. One man that we know about had a mentally disabled son and the boy went to an outing with other students and teacher and he drowned. The father took his own life when that happened.

  13. Jamie I haven’t always been right and I learned a good lesson from my horrible mistakes. My daughter went to Brownies but I knew who the leader was and she had children of her own and a married lady and raised her kids up very well. I didn’t know who the cub master was but I knew something was wrong by how he spoke on the phone and my kids went through enough without more.

  14. Jamie my son was going to an English Catholic school in Cornwall when we left Ottawa and there was a retreat that he was supposed to go to and when we heard about all the sexual abuse going on we stopped him from going with the class. Nobody can be too careful. Bad things went on in my day as well and I am an old lady now of 65 years old. LOL LOL. A few tears added to this mix.

  15. I have experienced a great deal more than what I told you about and I wished that I never had children to live through such a society as this. My daughter keeps telling me to go to the doctor because of my health issues and I said no it is best for me to die than to live in this society. I went through hell on earth and will never forget it. Racism? You don’t know he half of it John.

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