Letter to the Editor – Fluoride Free Water Options by Harry Valentine MAY 24, 2016

The medical officers of health across Ontario are pushing hard to add fluoride to municipal water and companies that supply fluoride chemicals will certainly make a profit. One Ontario MPP even wants to mandate compulsory municipal water fluoridation across Ontario.

Except that citizens who want fluoride free water have several options:

– People who have wells can continue to enjoy water that is free from fluoride. Well water is still popular in rural areas.

– People may also acquire or make funnels with large-diameter intakes to collect rainwater and transfer that rainwater into containers. The may boil the water to  purify it or use home-based UV-radiation water treatment that is commercially available for under-the-sink installation.

– During winter, people may collect snow and boil or use home-based, under-the-sink UV-treatment technology

– A new variation of dehumidifier technology has become commercially available and can extract water from humid air. The technology is well proven and can provide fluoride-free drinking water, also purify the water when connected to under-the-sink UV-treatment technology. People interested in home based water harvesting may visit the link at:


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