Cornwall Ontario Orlando Tribute An Exercise in Hypocrisy by Jamie Gilcig JUNE 18, 2016

I wasn’t invited to the Orlando tribute here in Cornwall on Friday.   Nor was CFN sent a release or invite which is odd as we’re the only newspaper in this community that has not only truly been Gay positive, but actually has sponsored (that’s given actual free advertising for Corus radio types viewing) to multiple LGBT events over the years, not too mention having the largest audience in the Cornwall media.

I’ve seen Pride group after group come into existence and fold in this city.   The Gay community in Cornwall is combative within itself, frequently leading to vacuums, but every once in awhile people stop the traditional infighting to put something on.  Several prominent people in the gay community actually shy away from the Pride groups locally because of the infighting that usually follows.

Having a closeted City Councilor lead an event like this strikes this writer as about the most hypocritical thing one could do at an event such as this one.    Frankly Bernadette Clement should have had her long time partner right up there on stage with her.   Kathleen Wynne certainly would.   Only “Bernie”  can answer why she didn’t and why she won’t even discuss the issue or simply come out of her closet as this is after all, 2016.    If she can participate in her  henfests at Nav Can why the public deception?  (omission is lying after all)

It was a regular NDP Elaine MacDonald fest as well including dragging back former NDP candidate Lori Taylor back to speak.  Reading media reports it was the same old same old.   Elaine brought out Fred Cappuchino as well as Paul Aubin.

Oddly enough gay journalist Bill Kingston of Cornwall Newswatch didn’t report on the event.  Perhaps he was busy scoping out Second Street for child vendors of worms or lemonade?

What happened in Orlando was tragic.   Events such as this should be an opportunity to bring  a community together, but as long as people like Elaine MacDonald and Bernadette Clement have anything to do with them here in Cornwall it will never happen.

There’s also a certain hypocrisy in that Clement and MacDonald certainly never raised their voices over gun issues involving other massacres in the US.   Straight lives matter too.    People should be against gun violence and want to see change as these shootings unto themselves have created an industry unto themselves (which is grist for another tale)

There are actual gay people who really aren’t that positive.   There’s a certain irony that members of any group seeking acceptance, tolerance, and equality don’t practice what they preach, but this is after all, Cornwall Ontario.

Equality can mean being equally bad to being equally good.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Did you attend the event?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I was not invited either, but I went. I am glad you nailed the reason why gay pride is a failure in Cornwall – “The Gay community in Cornwall is combative within itself, frequently leading to vacuums, but every once in awhile people stop the traditional infighting to put something on”. That is what I have observed too!. Plus lets not forget how God has answered my prayers!

  2. To me it doesn’t matter if a person is gay or straight. They could be pink with purple polka dots for all I care. The important thing is to stop the violence.

  3. It isn’t the guns that kill people but people kill people even with knives or anything that they can get their dirty hands on. People who commit murder have to have something very wrong with their minds to begin with. I don’t believe in this doctor assisted murder at all and God is going to punish Justine and all those who had anything to do with this piece of dirt. I don’t believe in murder.

  4. Geez Hugger you stole my comment ! Not much in the line of advertising, so the “REST” of the community would attend ? Was it a closed LGBT event ? Honestly, I would of probably attended ! Or, was it by invitation only ? This was terribly organized (IMO) and was a slap in the face to the rest of the community ! When is the next Municipal election ?

  5. Author

    What some of the small minds at City Hall don’t seem to understand is the CFN boycott isn’t about one person, but about the very community they take cash to serve. If nobody clicked on pages then maybe they’d have a case, but with over 1M human page views per month, about 40% of which are from Cornwall they are abusing their offices and the citizens of Cornwall.

  6. Nothing has changed since BOB was ousted out of the cat bird seat and it is just a repeat of BOB with a different face. I said that here before on CFN and we all wanted change – some change that was. It reminded me when Obama took over and said that he would make change but instead it got worse. Cornwall will never change as long as that mighty strange mentality exists.

  7. Jamie I am going to drift away from this subject but I am very concerned about the water table and the soil in Cornwall and why I say that I saw another little girl in the toilet paper of record afflicted with cancer and all that I see are children afflicted with this disease. Something is very wrong indeed and nothing is being spoken about and only hidden. I think a write up is needed on this.

  8. Gay? Twin spirited? Questioning? Who was this murderer?

  9. I hate to think about what Newton might have been praying for. I see he was picketing the vigil with his merry band of loving “Christians”.

  10. Author

    Jules I have done a write up. I also get stone walled when I ask for numbers from the EOHU and other local agencies.

  11. Jamie I sure do remember your write up but what I am getting at is that there is a great deal that is being hidden at the Town Hall and even the Health Doctor in Cornwall is hiding the truth to the public. People should know about filtering their water which is one step but it is not the full thing and more than fluoride in the water that is causing child cancers as well as adults, etc.

  12. There is something else Jamie and that is the rise of thyroid diseases even among people who have no family history of the disease. Former Pres. H.W. Bush (father of George W) along with his wife Barbara and they had a dog with the same disease. Something is very wrong somewhere. I sure do know that you pointed everything out including stuff that I knew about while in Cornwall.

  13. Jamie you did the best you could at what you wrote about and I do appreciate your efforts but I think that this should be addressed again to all the sheeple out there who don’t understand what is going on with all the childhood cancers down there. I am even wondering about all the vaccines because of the chemical that is used to preserve the vaccine causing these diseases.

  14. Someone sure is stretching on this one.

  15. Wondering why they they would “invite” PTN. With his views on homosexuality, etc. they wouldn’t want PTN anywhere near a tribute for the Orlando victims.

  16. Hugger, they did not invite Newton. He just showed up to p!ss on the people he and his imaginary god disapproves of.

  17. Author

    Btw, congrats to Jules on posting the 60,000th approved comment on CFN (in our 7th year). Yes, Jules may have another 60,000 that were not approved, but that’s a lot of comments for everyone!

  18. That was my point Furtz….that he wasn’t invited.

  19. The “Orlando Tribute” and exercise in self-comfort for the wider gender and/or sexually aligned among our neighbours was pretty harmless.

    Sadly, the event was also a self-serving promotional exercise for shallow Cornwall politicians — with the tight lips of our closeted (but no less shallow and hypocritical) politician, not so much hypocrisy as discretion… considering the partner’s employers.

  20. Author

    Simon do you mean the partner that works at the diocese that led to the bishop apologizing to CFN for not sending us press releases before he left Cornwall?

  21. Oh, so it was self-interest… shallow and hypocritical politician it is then.

  22. Oh Jamie I have to take a bow for all those comments. I have more comments that didn’t go through than the ones than went through and they have to be a lot more than 60K. LOL LOL. ROLF! I have to say that they were all good but you can’t please them all. Shucks!

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