KIA Driver Nailed for +150KMH Near Brockville Ontario by LEEDS OPP – AUG 11, 2016



(Lombardy, Ont. ) –  Leeds County Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P) charged a driver for traveling at a speed in excess of 150 km/hr on Hwy 15.

At approximately 02:25 pm on Tuesday 9th August 2016 police observed a 2015 white KIA car travelling at a high rate of speed on Hwy 15 in the Township of Rideau Lakes.

The driver was stopped and subsequently charged.

Farrah LUTCHMANSINGH, 30 years old, has been charged with Stunt Driving.  Driver  received a 7 day licence suspension as well as her car towed and impounded for 7 days.

LUTCHMANSINGH, will appear in Brockville Ontario Court on 14th September 2016.



  1. A Kia will go that fast?

  2. Author

    Furtz I swear I was thinking the exact same thing…

  3. There are many people out there driving who shouldn’t be driving and out to kill and we see it every day and wonder who in the hell has granted them a licence – a licence to kill. The KIA is like a gun in ones hand no matter how small it is a weapon and it should be taken away from a lot of people. Only certain people should be granted the privilege to drive and it isn’t a right.

  4. This morning my husband had a dental appointment and I waited in the car and while there a small KIA went like a bat out of hell on a small roadway and I literally laughed and cursed at the same time thinking about what Jamie wrote on CFN – a small little roadway just big enough for one vehicle to pass. People are mighty crazy anymore and that is the truth. We go back on Tuesday morning.

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  6. well….KIA – does stand for Killed In Action.

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