Ottawa Police Shoot Dog After Attack in Wiggins Private SEPT 26, 2016 #OPS

Ottawa Police respond to dog attack


 (Ottawa) — On September 23rd 2016, at 6:30 P.M. Ottawa Police patrol officers responded to a dog attack in the 200 block of Wiggins Private.

Once on scene, an officer noticed a large, aggressive Bull Mastiff-Rottweiler mix running through the housing community. The dog attacked an adult male holding his one year old son. Both the male and child fell to the ground as the dog continued to bite the adult. At one point, the male was separated from the child.

The officer, noticing the dog turn towards the boy, attempted to distract the dog and placed himself in between the dog and the victim. Fearing the dog would continue its attack, the officer discharged his firearm, striking the dog. The dog succumbed from its injuries at the scene. The adult suffered non-life threatening injuries to his face, hands and buttock. The young boy sustained minor injuries to his forehead due to his fall.

Any follow-up investigation will be conducted by Ottawa City Bylaw. 

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