More Shootings in Ottawa #OPS Sept 16, 2016

Homicides on Elmira Drive and Shillington Avenue


(Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Service Major Crime Unit continues to investigate two homicides that occurred this weekend.

The first homicide occurred on Saturday morning at 2 a.m. at an Elmira Dr. address. Jacob Thompson, 40, was shot and died on scene.

The second homicide occurred at 6 a.m. today on Shillington Ave. where Abdi Jama, 26, was shot. He was pronounced dead at hospital.

Anyone with information about either homicide is asked to contact Major Crime at 613-236-1222 ext. 5493.


  1. So we embrace immigrants and refugees from violent areas of the world and expect peace? Multiculturalism promotes ones history to repeat. The evidence is in our face and yet we do little or nothing in the name of political correctness to address this reality. Instead we accuse individuals who stand up as racist. When did criminals become a race?

  2. Lately my arthritis is acting up and I am so tired that I laugh myself to sleep after reading Jamie’s great paper and I closed my windows and couldn’t hear the gun shots at Heron Gate which isn’t far from me. There were dogs out sniffing for the weapons and bullets. Ottawa is full of gangs anymore unlike what it used to be. Gone bad since the 90’s era.

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