Shooting on George & Ohio Streets in Ottawa #OPS Oct 3, 2016

Shooting on George Street

(Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service is investigating a shooting that occurred in the area of Byward and George St  at approximately 0300 hrs on the 2nd of October, 2016.  One 27 yr old  male victim was transported to hospital in critical condition and is receiving treatment for apparent gunshot wounds.  The matter is currently under investigation and there is no person  in custody at this time.

Shooting on Ohio Street

(Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service Guns & Gangs Unit is investigating a shooting on Ohio Street.

On October 2, 2016, at 6:10 pm, East Division patrol officers responded to a call of a shooting in the 1200 block of Ohio Street.   Officers were quickly on scene and discovered a shattered glass panel.  Shell casings were also found.

No one was injured.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is asked to call Ottawa Police’s Guns and Gangs Unit at 613-236-1222, ext.5050


  1. Ohio Street? Gee that isn’t far from where I live in the south end – far enough near Billings Bridge and never heard anything bad over on that street. I sure heard about the Market by my son and it is a very bad place to be. Ottawa is very bad to live and eventually we may have to leave – the entire city is gang central. Where to go that is the question. Everywhere is getting bad.

  2. There are many people who want to leave Ottawa these days. Ottawa has 3% vacancy in high rise apartments and that doesn’t count houses or town homes, etc. The crime is really really bad. Justine is letting them all in. God Help Us All.

  3. My son was on George Street at the time of the shootings and was at a local bar. He heard the shots while trying to come home and I couldn’t sleep all night until he took a cab home. He called the cops and saw blood all over the sidewalk. He didn’t see anything and just heard the shots. We told him to keep far away from there at all times. Ottawa is gone folks gone.

  4. Yeap, let’s all blame the immigrants. I guess gangs have nothing to do with it.

  5. Ohio Street used to be not too bad but it became bad and there are a lot of seniors buildings over there. Belanger, Clementine and such streets are bad and two men that my son went to school with in Cornhole live there and they share the apartment. Ottawa has gone very bad with the gangs and drugs – Cripps and the Bloods. It is hell on earth. I hear my daughter speak about how bad it is to hub

  6. Jamie I have something for you to see the fight at MacDonalds on Rideau St. here in Ottawa – it is a derelic town now. McDonald’s brawl on Rideau
    This goes on a lot over there and do you blame Cornhole for not wanting so many of the world’s refuse. OMG Almighty you people haven’t seen anything.

  7. Author

    So when are you moving back to Cornwall Jules?

  8. Jamie my husband’s nephew had a business in South Central LA at the time of the Rodney King murder. He had his business there but lived elsewhere in Riverside County. Honestly Ottawa has gone to hell and I mean that fully. Never have we seen such crime and the crimes of the past were piddly in comparison. OMG you have to see it to believe this.

  9. Jamie are you interested in moving back to Ottawa? LOL LOL. ROLF! This city has gone completely bonkers – so much crime that you would think that Al Capone was back in action again. You would never run out of news around here – so much BS that would fill a paper in no time flat. Cornhole is a graveyard. The cops in Cornhole would be hiding in the sewers to avoid gunfire – it is really bad.

  10. Many years ago when we lived at the other building on Walkey Rd. near Bank St. the super’s brother got shot by gangsters because he got in the wrong company. The low income housing was always bad and some tenants were bad where the cops had to come but never ever like what we see today. Way too much action. The refugees/migrants bring their wars with them. OMG you wouldn’t believe it.

  11. Jamie in past years when we first came to Ottawa in the mid 70’s Belanger St. near Ohio St. had very old houses even till today but knocked down and turned into condos. There was an old homeless man who slept in a kind of dog house in the backyard of someone’s house and died and they found millions of dollars in that tiny hut. You never heard of crimes like today – it was not heard of at all.

  12. I am reminissing of the good days of Ottawa just like “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and now that headless horseman has awakened with all the gunshots that nobody can sleep. We have our windows and doors closed so I hear so little if anything just now. I will check the papers to see if there is more action going on. What a place Ottawa has become.

  13. The shootings happen mostly at night and by gangs. I went out this afternoon with my daughter in this area of town but in the low income area to get my material as well as to purchase some clothes and no problems at all. The night brings out the worst of people. I will check the papers of Ottawa for news.

  14. A few days ago there was a shooting in the suburb of Orleans and a man walked into the Monfort Hospital with a gunshot wound. I told all of you folks before that it happens everywhere here in Ottawa and no specific neighborhood – from the best to the lowest of the lowest. People have gone totally insane nowadays.

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