Cape Breton Weatherman Frankie MacDonald SNOW WARNING for Cornwall & Ottawa NOV 18, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO –   Winter arrives in the River City is about to get walloped by a MAJOR STORM starting on Sunday November, 20, 2016.

Snow will be lasting until Thursday before things warm up again.

Cape Breton’s own Frankie MacDonald did an area weather alert live from Sydney Nova Scotia!

Mother Nature will be dropping temps from a high of 14c on Saturday to a high of only 4 on Sunday with 15-20cm of the white stuff mixed with rain expected to fall.

About 10 more centimeters of snow are expected on the Monday with more wet stuff expected later next week.

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  1. In the olden days what we’re getting would have been seen as just a storm. There would have been no need fore special weather statements, etc. For me I deal with winter this way…I look out the window and listen to the forecast that day. I don’t worry about it until the day has arrived.

  2. Being in the northern hemisphere we sure can expect snow at any time and lots for people to shovel. I can sure tell the weather by my arthritis acting up terribly and yes it is coming. I am falling apart at the seams and need a whole tune up.

  3. I don’t know where this character came from or what planet he thinks he is on but this isn’t Hawaii or some desert we are mighty familiar with winter storms except for newcomers to Canada. This is winter and we have to be used to it and always be prepared. Things were a great deal worse in past years with the depth of snow and cold.

  4. When we lived in Cornhole there was one year that was so cold -45°C and I was walking on Vincent Massey Drive on the sidewalk and I couldn’t tell the ditch from the sidewalk and wound up in the ditch looking more like a snowman and my son was with me and had the laugh of his life.

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