OPP Charge Carleton Place Man With Two Pounds of Marijuana NOV 23, 2016


FROM:  OPP Drug Enforcement Unit 


(Township of Mississippi Mills, Ontario) – On Thursday November 17th, 2016 members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Drug Enforcement Unit, O.P.P. Tactics and Rescue Unit (TRU), Emergency Response Team (E.R.T) and members of the Lanark County O.P.P. Detachment executed a Controlled Drug and Substances Act (CDSA) search warrant at a residence located on Ramsay 4A, Mississippi Mills Township (ON).

A summary of the items seized:

  • In excess of two (2) pounds of cannabis marihuana
  • Shotgun ammunition,
  • Pieces of a dismantled shotgun, one flare gun and a pellet gun
  • Recovered stolen property (snowmobile, Line trimmer, outboard boat motor and Honda Generator) and,
  • Drug trafficking paraphernalia

The following charge(s) were laid against 51 year old, John PORTEOUS of Carleton Place (ON):

• Possession of a Schedule II substance for the purpose of Trafficking- under 3 kg
• Possession of Firearm or Ammunition contrary to Prohibition Order
• Possession of Firearm or Ammunition contrary to Prohibition Order
• Possession Property Obtained by Crime Under $5,000 – in Canada

The accused was released from custody on a Promise To Appear and will appear in the Ontario Court of Justice-Perth on January 9th, 2017


  1. cannabis needs to be grown everywhere. So we can end all the violence. Thankfully people can order cannabis discretely to their door

  2. Cannabis can only be delivered by mail (within Canada) legally by a licensed producer to an individual who holds a doctors prescription. Medical cannabis is not technically legal but rather provided under exemption of the law as a result of a ruling by the SCC. The government was forced to comply and Health Canada continues to make it difficult for approved patients to obtain affordable cannabis.

  3. The current regulations are continuing to drive a burgeoning black market. The police have stepped back on enforcement as a result of the legal climate. Unfortunately the liberals have a rather tarnished track record on management. It will be interesting what happens in the spring of 2017 with regards to Trudeau’s desire to legalize a product he has endorsed through his own use as an MP.

  4. Perhaps Trudeau was “high” when he publicly announced all Canadians support for the ruthless dictator Castro. The boy has problems no doubt and unfortunately as result so do all Canadians. The majority wanted change and they are certainly getting their monies worth.

  5. The last real president of the US was JFK and before him was president Eisenhower. What we see today is a joke compared to those men and the same is true here in Canada and throughout the world. The best people were those of the past but society today is gone straight to hell and that is so true.

  6. So Jules has finally admitted that Tronald Dump is a joke. Welcome to the real world.

  7. Hugger I did not say that Trump was a joke. What I said was that the last REAL PRESIDENT OF THE US WAS JFK. The rest of the presidents can be called what you want – they are all puppets under their puppet masters. JFK wasn’t going to be their puppet and they killed him and not Lee Harvey Oswald at all he was in the doorway of the book depository at that time watching the spectacle.

  8. “What we see today is a joke compared to those men…”??

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