Thieves Nab ATM At Riley’s Bakery in Cornwall Ontario DEC 9, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO – One of the most beloved stores in Cornwall was robbed and had their ATM stolen early Thursday morning.

The store’s facebook page, which is not run by Rob and Ana who work long hours whipping up some of the City’s favorite munchies posted the following.

In case you are not aware, this page is not run by Rob or Ana who own Riley’s Bakery. Posts are made by a big Riley’s fan/a friend of Ana and Rob’s.

Today in the early morning hours, Riley’s Bakery was robbed. Someone broke the glass door and stole the Bakery’s ATM Machine. This is the second robery this year.

Rob and Ana work extremely hard to run their business. During the Christmas season, they sometimes work 12-16 hour days to complete their orders.

What I am asking you to do, is to share this post. The person who stole the ATM may have told someone, bragged, or sold the machine. Share this post to help Ana and Rob find the person who did this. If you know something, please contact the police immediately.

To Rob and Ana: Please do not get discouraged, both of you and your business are loved dearly by our entire community. We are all behind you, and we love you. We WILL find who did this.

Over one hundred comments have been published on the store’s facebook page.

If you have information about the robbery you can contact the Cornwall Police at 613 933 5000.

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