Brockville Police Report Drug Bust JAN 4, 2017

Drug Bust

A quantity of drugs and cash have been seized as a result of an observant traffic stop on Christmas Day.  The accused was stopped to check on a condition associated to his driver’s licence.  Brockville Police officer, Cst. Dan Hall, stopped the vehicle that date in the south end of the city shortly after 9:00 pm.  As a result of conversing with the driver, police felt there may be drugs within the car.  The vehicle was seized pending obtaining a search warrant and the male driver along with two female passengers were sent on their way.

On the 28th, police searched the vehicle under the strength of a warrant.  Officers seized almost $2500.00 in cash as well as various controlled substances including cocaine.  The street value of the drugs is close to $5000.00, police have also seized the vehicle for now and may keep it under proceeds of crime legislation.  A local, 43 year old man now faces five counts of trafficking in a drug and breaching outstanding release conditions for charges still before the courts.  One of his female passengers, a local 37 year old, faces two counts of possession of a controlled substance.  The second female passenger will not face charges.

Drug Seizure Dec 2016


Computer Fraud

Reacting to a warning that his computer needed updating, cost a local man $150.00  The problem appeared legitimate and indicated there was an issue with Microsoft.  Banking information was then provided and the monies were taken out by the fraudsters.  Brockville Police received the complaint on the 28th shortly after 2:00 pm.

Police advise the community to be aware of these and other related frauds to avoid being taken.



A local, 43 year old female, assaulted her grandson’s babysitter after attending a north end residence to visit him.  The babysitter was the child’s other grandmother.  Brockville Police received the complaint yesterday shortly after 3:00 pm.  The accused was not wanted at the residence and a verbal dispute turned physical.  The victim required no medical attention and suffered scratches as a result of the altercation.  Police are now looking to speak to the agressor to obtain her version of the events.



A north end restaurant suffered mischief to table and chairs from an unruly customer.  Brockville Police received the complaint shortly after midnight today.  There was evidence left behind and video being reviewed.  Police are not revealing any more information as it is directly related to the investigation.

Public Intoxication

Make sure your aware of your destination before taking a taxi.  A local, 32 year old man, entered a cab on the 27th shortly after 11:00 pm.  He was intoxicated and could not remember where he wanted to be dropped off.  The cab driver attended the Brockville Police Service looking for assistance.  Officers arrested and charged the man with public intoxication after more confusion when asking the man questions.  He was released with a fine when sober.


Unwanted Person

A local, 32 year old man, was intoxicated and unwelcome when he began banging on an apartment door within a centrally located building.  The resident called Brockville Police to have him removed.  Just before 3:00 am., on the 28th, officers located the accused and arrested him for public intoxication.  He was held until able to look after himself and issued a fine.


Accused Arrested in Domestic Assault

Fleeing the city after assaulting his spouse in August, a local man was arrested in the Kawartha Lakes area yesterday.  On August 24th, Brockville Police investigated a serious domestic assault in which the victim suffered a broken nose.  A warrant was issued days later for the arrest of the 42 year old.  He was located yesterday, hiding in a bedroom, when Kawartha Lakes Police attended a residence in their area for an unrelated call.  Brockville Police officers attended their detachment last night and returned the accused for bail court this morning.  He faces charges of assault causing bodily harm and breaching his probation order.

A 30 year old man was arrested early Saturday morning after causing problems at a South end residence. Police were contacted just after 7:00am on the 24th of December after the male started punching walls and yelling at other people in the home. On arrival, police located the man outside the residence, heavily intoxicated. He was subsequently placed under arrest to prevent a further breach of the peace. Once sober, the man was released from custody unconditionally.



A 23 year old male is being sought by police in connection to a domestic assault that occurred in the City’s South end early Saturday evening. On the 24th of December at approximately 5:30pm police attended to the downtown residence after being made aware of the incident. As a result of the investigation, the 23 year old male is now wanted by police for Domestic Assault and various Court Order breaches. The female victim did not require medical assistance.


Mental Health Act

A 36 year old female was apprehended by police late Saturday evening after threatening suicide. At approximately 10:30pm police were called to a center town address where the female was causing problems and threatening self-harm. Concerned for her wellbeing, police apprehended the female under the Mental Health Act and escorted her to Brockville General Hospital for assessment.


Excessive alcohol consumption led to the arrest of a local, 47 year old man early Friday afternoon. Police received several calls around 2:30pm,on the 23rd of December, concerning the intoxicated male, who was having difficulty walking on Stewart Blvd in the center of the City. The male was located by police and subsequently arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. He was later released with a fine, once sober.


Breach of Probation

A 17 year old male was arrested for breaching the conditions of his Probation late Friday evening. On the 23rd of December at approximately 11:30pm, as a result of a RIDE check, police located the Youth out past his curfew, as set out in his Probation Order.The male was subsequently arrested and charged with Breach of Probation and released with a future Court date.


Designate a Driver

Brockville Police Service continue to urge the Public to ensure everyone designate a sober driver, arrange a ride or take a taxi if they have been consuming alcohol or drugs. Last night, RIDE checks were set up at various locations throughout the City. As a result of these efforts, 2 males were arrested in unrelated incidents for being in possession of a Controlled Substance. Police are reminding the Public that Impaired Driving can be determined by either alcohol or drug and the Brockville Police Service will continue their efforts to locate impaired drivers throughout this Holiday Season.

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