Jeanne Assam on Airport Security After Esteban Santiago Ft. Lauderdale Shooting JAN 6, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – This active shooter at the Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is yet just another example that we need to have strong security while entering the airport and not just before boarding the plane.  An inconvenience, yes, but necessary. How many times does this have to happen before we take action?

I am a police officer. A few years ago while volunteering on a church security team, an active shooter entered my church in Colorado Springs after he had shot and killed people at a location in Denver earlier that same morning.

Before entering the church later that same day, he had shot a total of 9 people, killing 4. But the shooter didn’t get far once he entered the church. Because of my training as well as my state of mind to always be prepared, I engaged and killed this active shooter in less than 3 minutes.  I was literally the “gate keeper”.

As a result, the thousands of people still at the church all had their lives spared from a gunman with approximately 3,000 rounds of ammunition and several guns, including an AR-15 and an AK-47.

We have had active shooters at our nation’s airports before. Why, then, do we still have security only prior to boarding a plane rather than immediately upon entering the airport?

Hundreds, even thousands are standing in line at times, waiting to check in and check their baggage. Why is security still delayed leaving all these people so vulnerable to attacks like the one today? Are thousands of people standing in line not cause enough for increased security? The obvious reason for not having security “at the gates” is increased cost. But can we really put a price on innocent lives? The answer is a definite “no”. 

I have stated this before-many times; we need to increase security at all large, public venues including concerts, ballgames, large political arenas, etc. I saw the movie theatre massacre happening far before it did here in Colorado.

America, why not be proactive like Israel rather than reactive?

We cannot afford to make any more mistakes like we already have. Nightclubs like Pulse in Orlando, Florida are just the start. Do we actually believe that won’t happen again? Yet I have been in and witnessed even larger night clubs with maybe one cop present and no real security measures. Untrained people checking I.D.’s and a quick glance in a bag or purse is not a precaution. It is a joke.

No one can put a price on precious lives, yet our government clearly does. How long must the good people in our country wait for federal law enforcement agencies to truly keep America safe? There really is no excuse. The time to take action, not reaction, is now. 

Jeanne Assam is the police officer who engaged and killed an active shooter when he entered New Life Church in Colorado Springs, CO on Dec. 9, 2007 after he had shot 9 people, killing  4 at two different locations. Officer Assam engaged and killed the shooter in less than 3 minutes upon his entry into the church where thousands of people were congregating after the final service. 

Her background includes several years as a patrol officer with the Minneapolis Police Department, Criminal Investigator for the State of Colorado, and as a Parole Officer for the Colorado Department of Corrections.

In January of 2008, she met with former President George W. Bush at the president’s request. The Colorado Senate and House passed a joint resolution honoring her. She is one of “The Biggest Winners” for 2007 according to Fox News’ The Big Story with Gibson and Naurert; only General Petraeus and French President Nicholas Sarkozy finished ahead of her.

She is also the recipient of the Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Second Amendment Foundation.

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  1. Jamie about the Florida shooting today the man that the cops apprehended has a hispanic name and there is talk that he was in the military and fought for ISIS and the cops are looking for a second shooter. I have the photo of the man and particulars so far from Alex Jones He is already caught and cops are looking into this. This could also be a false flag. Stay tuned.

  2. Jamie I have news on the lamestream toilet paper of record of Ottawa Citizen on the shooter. Please read. He is hispanic and lost his mind going to Iraq. He used Delta Airlines and not Air Canada: Family: Shooting suspect ‘lost his mind’ after tour in Iraq lost+mind+after+tour+iraq/12653911/story.html

  3. There is a great deal more to this story that happened in Florida and throughout the world than what we are being told. I know way too much after all the years of looking into so much that would make one’s head spin into insasnity. Mind control is one and the man who did the shooting admitted to just that – yes that is so true. Look up Cathy O’Brien on mind control – you all need a good educati

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