Roman Catholic Churches Merging in Cornwall Ontario JAN 6, 2017

Sainte-Croix Parish to Merge with Saint-Félix-de-Valois


CORNWALL, ON – On Saturday, January 7, 2017, the final Mass will be celebrated in the Roman Catholic church of Sainte-Croix, which was founded on January 17, 1954 when it was detached from the parish of Saint-Félix-de-Valois. Following the Mass, the church building will officially cease to be a Catholic place of worship and the parishioners of Sainte-Croix will once again become parishioners of Saint-Félix-de-Valois.


Currently, there are three French language parishes, Sainte-Croix, Saint-Félix-de-Valois and the Cocathédrale de la Nativité, serving the east end of Cornwall. However, with the changing demographics, fewer people attending church on a regular basis and a lack of French speaking priests, it had become clear that three Francophone parishes were no longer needed. After consultation over several years with both the parishioners of the affected parishes and the Council of Priests, Archbishop Terrence Prendergast, the Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall, made the difficult decision to close Sainte-Croix.


“Closing a parish is never an easy thing and causes pain to many,” said Archbishop Prendergast. “The parish church is where many of the most significant family events have taken place, baptisms, marriages, funerals, so it’s a hard thing to see the building close. It is my great hope that the reunification of these two parishes will allow for one vibrant parish with stronger evangelization and faith formation, as well as an effective administration and stewardship of the resources of the unified parish.”


The future use of the church building will be determined in the coming months.

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  1. Take a very good look. The vast majority of those in the church are senior citizens and very few young people. Young people are leaving – no work spells disaster and Cornwall is losing everything thanks to the dirty clique that needs to be eliminated. Cornwall will not survive as long as this continues. Old people die off and nobody young to replace. Boot Hill.

  2. People are finally starting to wake up and walk away from these asinine institutions.

  3. Furtz God knows what is going on and is in control. Things are going to get a great deal worse than what people think. I no longer go to church but I am a very firm believer in God and nothing will change that. Society is tearing the world apart and Trump said that things were going to get a great deal worse while running and he was right.

  4. About five years ago I read a book and I won’t say what it was but people on line told me not to go any further but I finished the book and then later I found out that so much of the book was true and so much more that I found out and one time a certain dictator who is famous went to the Vatican and ran out in fright. I won’t say more because people will turn against the faith and I don’t want.

  5. Furtz you don’t turn against God for the things that people do. I am very very firm in what I believe in and God sure does exist. People today are under demonic possession – yes laugh Furtz laugh but this is all very true. Your wacky jules has not lost it – many times I wish that I was crazy where I would not feel anything. What a crazy, insane world we live in.

  6. If the people knew what I know the churches would be completely empty. God I wish many times that I never knew what I know. My parents would literally roll in their graves if they knew what I know. This world is one that they could never be able to live in. It is getting worse and worse and worse until Jesus comes back.

  7. St therese on 13st is a french church its doing ok still go to church

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