Another Marijuana Dispensary Bust in Ottawa #OPS Jan 9, 2017

CDSA warrant executed on Somerset Street West results in two arrests


(Ottawa) –On Friday, January 6, 2017, the Ottawa Police Service Street Crime Unit executed a Control Drug and Substance Act (CDSA) search warrant at an illegal marijuana dispensary located at 646 Somerset Street West.

On scene, two adults – a male and a female – were arrested without incident. Their names are not being released at this time so as not to jeopardize the integrity of the ongoing investigation.

They are both facing charges of:

  • Trafficking in a Schedule II substance 5(1) CDSA x 2
  • Possession of a Schedule II substance for the Purpose of Trafficking 5(2) CDSA x 7
  • Possession of Proceeds of Crime 354(1)(a) Criminal Code

The female is facing the additional charge of:

  • Trafficking in a Schedule II Substance 5 (1) CDSA

Drugs and Property seized:

  • Marijuana
  • THC edibles
  • THC gummies
  • THC pills
  • Undisclosed amount of Canadian Currency
  • Cellular telephones

The Ottawa Police Service would like to remind the public that storefront marijuana dispensaries are illegal and have no association with lawful medical marijuana.   Investigations related to such illegal storefronts will continue.

Marijuana is only legal when prescribed by a physician and accessed from an authorized producer. You can find more details on legal access to medicinal marijuana.


  1. This is getting ridiculous.

    Kid Trudeau is stalling on both decriminalization and legalization because he’s too much of an idiot to figure out the best way to get it accomplished such that his well-connected Liberal crony corporations and friends are able to feed at the trough.

    Tom Mulcair maybe a Blairite Vampire and a cancer to NDP values, but at least he’s pushing for decriminalization

  2. It’s relatively simple, tax and regulate like alcohol. It’s not really that these “stores” are selling an illegal substance, rather they are selling a product and the gov is not getting their cut. That’s what these dispensary raids are about. If you’re against marijuana and legalization, ask yourself one question: Is marijuana use affecting your life right now? legalization won’t change that.

  3. The cops in Ottawa are very against the legalization of marijuana because they have enough trouble with the idiots who drive iradically here on the roads of Ottawa and we as a family do not support drugs at all and are against legalization. Only a legal prescription under a doctor to the termanaly ill to smoke that garbage since they are terminal as is and for nobody else. Pharmacists to handle.

  4. Well if you want to go the “high while driving” route because it’s dangerous, I expect you have the same feelings on texting and drunk driving. I see text driving everyday, why the police only do “blitzes” seasonally? Why not crack right down everyday? And if driving high is your only concern for legalization, you don’t have a case. Cannabis charges clog the courts and make criminals out of folks.

  5. It’s not about what the Ottawa police like, it’s not about what you like, its about dealing once and for all with a benign social aspect of society. People’s hatred of weed costs taxpayers unthinkable amounts of money, while the haters drink their booze, fight, drive and be obnoxious while wagging their anti cannabis finger at those who use it. How many more years of that until your war is won?

  6. Jerry there was a man from my husband’s country Lebanon who took marijuana (a lot of it) and was driving taxi and lost control of the taxi while intoxicated on marijuana – same as alcohol. This man had kids all over the place as well. I sure do remember Freddie – he is dead now Jerry and he was only my age. He lost everything and I mean everything – finished and in a grave paid by the city.

  7. Marijuana is for alleviating the terrible symptoms of taking prescription meds for cancers, etc. People who are dying and in pain take that but you cannot drive a vehicle or operate any machinery at all. This is for physicians to give prescriptions to patients who are dying and not for experimentation at all. Close down those shops now! I can’t wait for a tough, conservative leader.

  8. Jules, I’m probably as conservative as you are and I have respect for you and your opinions. However, respectfully I have to say that you sound like fear mongering media on repeat about the cannabis topic. You don’t use it or like it, which makes you biased without knowing anything first hand about it. It’s not going away, and the current system DOES NOT WORK. It’s not going away by banning it.

  9. You nailed it Jerry. And we all know what Jules thinks about marijuana. It really does get repetitive.

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