Mother Nature Having Hot Flashes in Cornwall Ontario JAN 9, 2017

Cornwall Ontario –  Cornwallites are waking to -20c temperatures this morning.   By evening temps are expected to rise to -7c before a snow dump of  as much as 12cm of snow falls on Tuesday.

Wednesday will see temperatures rise to +6c  with rain and sun with heavier rains and warmer temps predicted for Thursday.

Expect winds with the temperature changes.

The long term forecast for the weekend looks like sunny days and pleasant temperatures.



  1. Jamie be careful about the weather and where you go your Jules is sick with a flu but mild compared to what a lot of others have. My hubby and daughter drove me to the General yesterday and we heard that all hospitals were over capacitated and not go so we came back without going in. At my old age of 66 today they would have killed me instead. LOL LOL. ROLF! Keep warm and keep well.

  2. Author

    Jules the hospital is the worst place to be if you’re sick 🙂

  3. Jamie everyone of Ottawa’s hospitals is packed to the gills and patients on stretchers in hall ways. I am treating myself at home. My daughter had viral pneumonia back in 2007 and 10 hours to wait in the emergency for a doctor and to have tests done. This is terrible. That is no place to go at all is the hospital only if you have other problems on top of that.

  4. Jamie it is going to take a while to get over this flu but it is not as bad as what a lot of people have. We eat very well and do everything we can to keep healthy but every now and then something happens. I have never been sick like this since I was a very young child. Old age is creeping up – already here. LOL LOL. ROLF! Getting over it slowly.

  5. Maybe it is me having “hot flushes” like Archie Bunker used to say on his programs. LOL LOL. According to my son it is mild outside and it was supposed to snow and have some freezing drizzle. The weather is not stable and I am still sick. Oh well this is my old age as well. LOL LOL. I am beyond hot flushes.

  6. Jamie this morning while at Billings Bridge with my husband I overheard a man speaking to another that he had a bad experience waiting 10 hours in he emergency room here in Ottawa and that he would never repeat it. One has to treat themselves if it is only a cold or flu unless there is heart disease, diabetes or something that can hinder ones life.

  7. Author

    Health care is scary all over Jules. It’s like Russian Roulette sometimes….

  8. Jamie things are going to be a lot worse now for Canada under Trump and I am celebrating this evening at home because he is my choice and it will wake up a lot of people when our businesses and doctors pack up and go south. I hope that O’Leary can get it even if it is Ms. O’Leary’s cow that caused the Chicago fire at least it will awaken the masses to be Conservative like I am.

  9. For years I have been preaching about a global economic depression coming and I heard it many times from others in the US – yes one is coming and Pres. Trump knows about it and even he cannot do anything because it is not in his control. It is the global banksters who are bringing down the economy and they are going to do it most likely under Trump’s administration. Get ready you have been warne

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