Michael Labelle of Cornwall Wants a Ward System & Ranked Ballots LTE Feb 15, 2017

Citizens of Cornwall

Cornwall needs to introduce ranked ballots.

It should be a part of a plan to rework the governance of the city.

The people of Cornwall are over Governed and over represented.

1/ Introduce ranked ballots

2/ The city is remapped into 4 wards

3/ 1 Councillor per ward and 1 Mayor.

The citizens would then know who is responsible to represents them in their interests with the city.

The citizens would take more interest and hopefully improve on the pathetic 33% turn out in the last municipal election.

It would be in the best interest of the city.   Good luck getting a politician to vote for something that might cost them there jobs.

Even if it would save the city money.



  1. The ward system is the way to go for voting and it used to be like that in Cornwall years ago and we vote like that here in Ottawa (ward system). That would make those lazy hounds, brainless so called councellors work for a change instead of being a bunch of useless deadwood there for a pay cheque.

  2. I would be for a 4 ward approach. I could even get behind a ranked ballot system for those appointments. As for 1 mayor that is a novel suggestion. We really have not had a mayor in over a decade, it just might work!

  3. Things have to change in Cornwall and area and you cannot depend on seniors alone. Jobs are needed and you cannot live in a backward mentality of Cornwall. Get out from under the ashes and make something of yourselves and the town which is as dead as a piece of wood. Change your backward ways. Cornwall will be finished if the people don’t change for the better.

  4. I don’t think that a ward system is the right fit for Cornwall, as this will result in conflicts between neighbourhoods and no common philosophy by which to govern the city.

    What’s needed is to form a civic organization to run a new mayor and a full slate of 10 new councillors, all professionals, entrepreneurs, and artists with no meaningful connections to the current political cliques.

  5. Everything is attached to the damn cliques in Cornwall and that is what brought Cornwall down to the ashes. You cannot revive a place unless the people’s minds are changed for the better. As long as the people of Cornwall do not wake up and change themselves the town will remain in the ashes no matter who is mayor, council or ward system – people have to change and throw the clique out of town.

  6. I am 100% for the ward system and years ago in Cornwall things were better managed and not like what it is today of some sort of a joke. Things have to change and the people have to change for the better and give a boot to the clique and send them all packing. The clique would be completely lost elsewhere.

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