CFN Photo of the Day – Hint of Spring in Cornwall FEB 19, 2017

CORNWALL ONTARIO – A CFN viewer sent in this pic he took after painting his snow bank as temperatures hit 13c in Cornwall Saturday!

Warm temps will be with us all week!  Enjoy the sunshine!


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  1. My eyes are going for sure without a doubt. I thought that it was a quilt. Jamie no kidding cross my heart I thought that it was a quilt. It looks like I am working hard on what I have. I am putting my daughter’s old clothes together first to make some utility quilts. I haven’t been feeling well today – old age is creeping up for sure.

  2. Author

    Creeping Jules? 🙂

  3. Jamie I kid you not. I need glasses and can no longer read small writing. When I saw that picture I really thought that it was a quilt. I have around 4 or 5 patterns of tulips for quilts and I always use a white background to bring the pattern out. I am working on utility quilts just now and haven’t been feeling well today. Hubby made spaghetti and I couldn’t finish it.

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