Cornwall Legion Confirms Arthur Murray Resignation by Jamie Gilcig FEB 21, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – CFN has confirmed that the Cornwall Legion’s 1st VP, Arthur Murray, has resigned.    They will be resolving the position at their next meeting on March 8th.

President Linda Fisher stated that the Legion only learned of Mr. Murray’s situation after the story broke in the media. She also stated that he had served in the reserves, but that has not been confirmed.

Mr. Murray has not responded to CFN via email.

Ms Fisher also confirmed that the Legion has not filed a section 419 criminal complaint against Mr. Murray and seemed bewildered as to who would.


Mr. Murray allegedly was never an active service soldier and wore medals that he allegedly never earned.

It is against the law in Canada to wear the uniform or impersonate a soldier.  Franck Gervais of Ottawa was given community service for attending Remembrance Day activities in Ottawa in uniform as opposed to Mr. Murray who participated in uniform at local events.

The CCPS would not confirm if a charge had been laid yet.   We will update this story as more information becomes available.

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  1. Reminds me of the Trailer Park Boys.

    A recent season’s antagonist was a tyrannical ex-veteran trailer park supervisor, one Colonel Leslie Dancer.

    He was ultimately exposed as a private who had been dishonourably discharged from the military.

    Maybe we should invite Jim Lahey to be Cornwall’s Police Chief and divert tax dollars to Julian’s business ventures instead of to the Agape Centre.

  2. How disgraceful is that, My first husband was a Sgt, USA Marines in the Viet Nam War, combat soldier, and has suffered ever since, Many returning Viet Nam Vets have returned with PTSD , as did mine, and it not only has ruined their lives, as well as their families lives….so for this man to have the audacity to try to impersonate a hero is disgusting!.Real soldiers would not take it lightly

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