Cornwall to Spend $10K+ to Fight Seniors Abba Noise Citation As Taxes Rise FEB 21, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Is it any wonder why taxes are out of CONTROL in Cornwall Ontario as the City is set to face off in court against the Raymond’s over their disputing a noise citation for listening to bands like Abba and April Wine while playing cards.

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The Raymond’s enjoy a card game in their backyard where they listen to their Bose sound system and enjoy their selection of 70’s music in the early hours of the evening.

Days later a Cornwall by law officer gave them a $130 ticket for excessive noise.  They enlisted Cornwall lawyer Andre Bourgon to assist them and fight off the utterly ridiculous citation.

The city uses the Ottawa law firm of BLG as apparently none of the 20 or so local lawyers can meet their standards or simply don’t charge enough…  it’s bewildering.

The estimated costs just to get to the trial which starts next week is nearly $10K.  With rates of approximately $400 per hour it adds up fast, especially when you have to factor in travel time back and forth from Ottawa.

Ironically there is no proof of the excessive noise as the by law officer did not even witness the alleged offense.

With City Hall beaming and whittling down the proposed tax increase to ONLY 2.79% and having to just give up hundreds of thousands of dollars back in Industrial MPAC adjustments is this not the definition of insanity, especially with about half of council having taken a pledge to cut taxes during the last election?


Add in the cost of the actual trial and the costs could skyrocket compared to simply waiving the ridiculous citation of $130.

And when most likely the city loses this case they could have to pay damages and costs to the Raymond family for their own legal representation as per their rights.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time to make changes at our By Law office, and bounce not only Larson Payette, but his boss Chris Rogers??   Is it time to bounce this council in the next election; especially those that lied about cutting taxes?

Do we really need ten councilors to “lead” our community in this manner or is it time to have wards so that the Raymond’s alderman could or could not have served their interests rather than having ten councilors and a mayor whistle while their Ottawa law firm k chings their way to the bank?

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  1. This is excellent music and I remember the better days of Ottawa and I was expecting for my son and I was working in the federal government. When the evening came my husband and I would go out and visit friends at their homes and on the car radio came Abba’s songs – those were Ottawa’s better days. This is good music unlike a lot of the garbage of today. I can listen and listen.

  2. To the Raymonds Abba is very good music and I can’t stop playing and singing these wonderful songs from such great musicians. I love this music.

  3. Thank you for your support

  4. You just have to give your head a shake on the fact that the city will spend & spend your hard owned tax money on taking this couple to court, when all they have on excessive noise is hearsay 3days after the alleged noise

  5. This case might seems a little extreme but for the city to go to courts, it needs to be for a good reason. The by-law officer might not have a witness but we don’t know how many complaints about this couple, the city might have received by other nearby residents.
    We have to keep in mind that there is a whole lot of disturbers out-there who just choose to forget all civilism exists…

  6. There should be a two year minimum sentence for possession of ABBA recordings.

  7. Those who are responsible at town hall in Cornwall are completely nuts. This couple the Raymonds look like good people and enjoying a good group and playing cards with friends. This music isn’t the garbage that young people listen to today – this is good stuff. I keep playing this music on my computer since Jamie posted it – I love it and bookmarked it. There are much more pressing issues.

  8. Cops in Cornwall are only there to protect people who are the clique and not for the general population. Diane Shay went through hell trying to protect some of the town’s most vulnerable people where the clique of the town were putting this good woman down. People of Cornwall are going to have to change a 360° turnaround for the better or else you stay down in graveyard land.

  9. Author

    Stephen I’m sure the courts at the end of the day will review this and that clear justice will prevail. The question is if those that are costing this city these outrageous amounts are held accountable or not?

  10. Furtz if there is a two year minimum sentence then you can increase the sentence for me. I love the music but I wear headphones and sing and dance with the music. LOL LOL. ROLF! I love it.

  11. If the Cornwall Fuzz want to put me in court for singing here at my chair and dancing to ABBA let them go right ahead. I will try to make it a bit easier to locate me I am in Ottawa South – a bunch of goons to go and to that to a nice couple and that beautiful ABBA music. My husband came in the room and saw me happy signing and dancing to ABBA and laughed. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  12. Rachelle Raymond I am very happy to support you and this kind of complaint is nonsense. You are in a private home and not in a highrise building. The mover who was in a 1 bedroom near the elevators used to play his music and my husband like to hear a little life. It is like a literal tomb here and I guarantee it. I am playing that beautiful music here and dancing away but with headphones on.

  13. “Add in the cost of the actual trial and the costs could skyrocket compared to simply waiving the ridiculous citation of $130.”- I understand very clearly the economics involved but if the city had to wave every fines they issued by fear of posible litigation’s by it’s citizens and it’s costs , well , it’s a slipery slope.

  14. Author

    I agree Stephen. It should be based on merit. In this case the By Law officer did not hear or witness the offense. A simply review pretty much shows that no citation should have been given. At some point the officers boss should be saying..”whoa!” But that hasn’t happened in this case.

  15. Admin- Could of it been the other way around? What if the orders were coming from “top floor”…Could it be?..just maybe.

  16. Jules..It would be a 180° turnaround. A 360° turnaround gets you back to the same spot. LOL ROFLMAO

  17. Author

    It could. You may be right.

  18. Hugger my “MISTRAKE” and I meant a complete turnaround with no turning back. I wrote the word MISTRAKE because of a card that myself and fellow workers in the federal government came across one day and we all laughed and used it ever since. Hugger I am very happy to see you back and that is the truth. Stay with us and your wacky Jules. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  19. Yes it would cost an arm and a leg to bring the Raymond’s to trial for such piddly of a case that any normal and intelligent lawyer would be laughing under his or her breath just to collect the money but laugh in the chambers at such a rediculous case. The Raymonds look like good people and they like their friends and fun and good ABBA music.

  20. Jules, there’s no such thing as good ABBA music.

  21. Tempest in a teacup fuelled by those incompetents at City Hall

  22. I think this case is way passed the petty citation. When you have 2 parties who butts head and if you had medias in the mix, well, then it’s a game of who will win.No doubts the Raymond’s seem to be good poeple but seeking the medias help to their case, could of been a mistake.This city doesnt like to lose face.

  23. Furtz Abba is one of the best groups or should I say was. I don’t know if they play and sing anymore since that was a long time ago during the good old days and happier days of Ottawa for me. I worked with a lot of wacky people like myself – honestly I miss them all very much.

  24. $400./hour for a lawyer here in Ottawa. When my husband’s eldest sister died my husband had to make papers for his living sister and brother in Australia and we saw a lawyer here in Ottawa and he pointed us to a legal assistant who is also a professional translator that we needed from English to Arabic and done through the Lebanese embassy – lots of money. This nonsensical case will cost.

  25. Jules, ABBA made the music of the Devil! It was sinful non-repentant un-Christian noise. Let’s hope that The Good Lord will forgive them for unleashing their vile rubbish upon the world.. Otherwise they will surely burn in Hell for eternity!!

  26. Furtz you are funny. ABBA is one of the best groups around and only the garbage music of today is devil music. Well I do have to say that there are garbage songs from the past but also I found out how they fix up records that is made into demonic and no wonder I don’t purchase music. We used to purchase some songs but no longer. People would be scared out of their wits to know.

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