Cornwall to Spend $10K+ to Fight Seniors Abba Noise Citation As Taxes Rise FEB 21, 2017

Cornwall to Spend $10K+ to Fight Seniors Abba Noise Citation As Taxes Rise FEB 21, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Is it any wonder why taxes are out of CONTROL in Cornwall Ontario as the City is set to face off in court against the Raymond’s over their disputing a noise citation for listening to bands like Abba and April Wine while playing cards.

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The Raymond’s enjoy a card game in their backyard where they listen to their Bose sound system and enjoy their selection of 70’s music in the early hours of the evening.

Days later a Cornwall by law officer gave them a $130 ticket for excessive noise.  They enlisted Cornwall lawyer Andre Bourgon to assist them and fight off the utterly ridiculous citation.

The city uses the Ottawa law firm of BLG as apparently none of the 20 or so local lawyers can meet their standards or simply don’t charge enough…  it’s bewildering.

The estimated costs just to get to the trial which starts next week is nearly $10K.  With rates of approximately $400 per hour it adds up fast, especially when you have to factor in travel time back and forth from Ottawa.

Ironically there is no proof of the excessive noise as the by law officer did not even witness the alleged offense.

With City Hall beaming and whittling down the proposed tax increase to ONLY 2.79% and having to just give up hundreds of thousands of dollars back in Industrial MPAC adjustments is this not the definition of insanity, especially with about half of council having taken a pledge to cut taxes during the last election?


Add in the cost of the actual trial and the costs could skyrocket compared to simply waiving the ridiculous citation of $130.

And when most likely the city loses this case they could have to pay damages and costs to the Raymond family for their own legal representation as per their rights.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Is it time to make changes at our By Law office, and bounce not only Larson Payette, but his boss Chris Rogers??   Is it time to bounce this council in the next election; especially those that lied about cutting taxes?

Do we really need ten councilors to “lead” our community in this manner or is it time to have wards so that the Raymond’s alderman could or could not have served their interests rather than having ten councilors and a mayor whistle while their Ottawa law firm k chings their way to the bank?

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