St. Jo’s & L’Heritage Head Drop in Fraser Sec School Rankings in Cornwall FEB 23, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – I was always taught that if you’re going to do something, do it right.  If the goal of Cornwall educators has been to fail they clearly are living up to it during the past school season when all six secondary schools in the Fraser Institute’s yearly rankings fell back from their five year snapshots.

Holy Trinity fared best only dropping 7 spots from 180th out of 623 schools to 187 out of 740 that were ranked.

St. Joseph’s fell from 167 to 334.

La Citadelle from 260 to 224

L’Heritage from 153 to 358

St. Lawrence from 524 to 624

and CCVS from 571 to 624.

RO in Ingleside dropped from 524 to 689.

TAGWI actually showed a slight improvement to 447 from 454!

CDSB of Eastern Ontario schools fell hard under new pooh bah Todd Lalonde.

As schools fight for their lives surely their performances should play a role in making decisions about their futures.

Clearly the incredible amount of money being spent on our teachers are not returning value for investment in this region or maybe there really is something in the water?

For more on the Fraser Institute’s yearly rankings CLICK HERE.

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  1. It’s The Fraser Institute, for C—-‘- sake! Hardly an impartial ‘think tank’.
    Might as well get Ezra Levant to evaluate the schools.

  2. The argument for home schooling or private schools has never been better, unfortunately.

  3. That’s unfortunate to see.

    I’ve always found St. Joe’s and l’Heritage to be really good schools.

    Likewise, Tagwi High School, in Avonmore, won the Reach for the Top championship in 1989, an event that, when I was in high school in the late-90s and early-200s, was usually won by well-known high schools in major urban centres.

    Nice to see the new guys at Holy Trinity dong so well 😀

  4. I read a lot and listen to many things and what I learned even more today I would not put my kids in the school systems but I would home school them. You live and learn the hard way. I remember a few American ladies home schooling their kids and they turned out much better than those in the regular school system. Never again would I make that mistake – you live and learn the hard way.

  5. Out of many schools in Cornwall St. Joe’s used to have a pretty good reputation. Nowadays everything is falling apart everywhere and not many teachers are any good at all anywhere including private schools. The entire thing is all about money and if I had my way over again I would home school my kids. This generation of young people is the very worst and no wonder the Bible is right on.

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