Sunshine List Darren Dalgleish Lawyers UP – Is he still CEO of St. Lawrence Parks? MARCH 9, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – Darren Dalgleish has lawyered up.    The we’re not sure what, or if he’s still with,  the St.Lawrence Parks Commission poobah,  was allegedly reported to have been escorted from the premises and turfed which has resulted in Cornwall Newswatch’s Bill Kingston and other media outlets to be served after reporting such.

CKWS in Kingston backtracked as well with a clarification:

Editor’s Note – On March 7, 2017, CKWS TV published a story concerning the employment status of Darren Dalgleish, CEO of St. Lawrence Parks Commission. After being reviewed by senior news managers, a decision was made to re-edit the original article in the interests of clarity. We are currently not able to verify that the Park’s Commission has “parted ways” with Mr. Dalgleish. The updated version of the story reports instead that an “interim CEO” has been appointed. CKWS apologizes for any confusion we may have caused.

Now that’s some great mitigating.

According to media reports calls to his office line get transferred to another party.

Apparently Bill Kingston published certain allegations without enough proof or once the lawyers started people are backtracking?  We may never truly know the truth about Mr. Dalgleish and his Sunshine list salary.

Calls to Ministry of Tourism and other entities are being stone walled with no clear answers.

This writer has had few interactions with Mr. Dalgleish; chiefly because he’s been a swinish brute to this outlet.   If some of the rumors floating are remotely true he may be making his lawyers very happy in the near future.

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