Another Fatality – Hwy 138 CLOSED Near Willy Allan Road MAY 10, 2017


(South Stormont) – Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry (SD&G) Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) officers are currently at the scene of a two (2) vehicle fatal collision on Highway 138 (north of Willy Allan Road), South Stormont Township.

Preliminary investigation has indicated that at approximately 6:00am, a passenger vehicle was travelling north on Highway 138 when, for reasons under investigation, collided head-on with a southbound transport truck. The adult male driver (lone occupant) of the passenger vehicle was pronounced deceased at the scene. The truck driver (lone occupant) was not injured. Names are being withheld pending notification of next-of-kin.

SD&G OPP, assisted by OPP Technical Traffic Collision Investigators (TTCI) continue to process the scene. A section of Highway 138, between Willy Allan Road and County Road 43 (Monkland) is closed to traffic with indicated detours in place.


  1. There is no mystery to why there are so many fatalities on the 138, if you drive it regularly. People follow too closely, and disregard any and all common sense and driving laws. And speed, if you go the speed limit of 80, you will always have someone tailgating you and trying to pass. If you go 100, same thing. There is NO excuse for trying to pass while already going the speed limit. PERIOD!

  2. Another thing, the 138 is always in the news and called a “dangerous highway”, with many fatalities per year. However, every single time I use it I never EVER see any law enforcement. The odd time there will be an opp in St.Andrews, but other than that the only speed deterrent is a sign that say it’s “aircraft patrolled”, which I doubt is true, and seriously doubt has any real impact on speeding.

  3. It has been 3 years since we were in Cornwall and my husband always commented that the 138 is a very dangerous place and like Jerry said no cops on that stretch of highway and people are the cause of the accidents and this was bound to happen. Cops are too busy killing flies in the office and doing nothing for $100K of a salary. Cops get out there and do your job including in Cornwall and area.

  4. It’s the drivers on the 138 that are the problem, not the highway itself.

    As for the OPP on the 138…some may never see them, I see them all the time on the 138. I guess it depends on timing and if they are off doing other duties.

  5. Drivers are to blame and that is the absolute truth. If you give drivers the space of 10 or more professional football fields wide they would still make accidents because they are histerical and insane. People make the mistake of passing other drivers and drive at very high speed and that is the problem. Highway 138 is a nice scenic drive and not one to race. No cops at all when we went.

  6. Went by there today, the accident was at the top of a hill, from what I gather the car travelling north entered the southbound lane smashing head on into a transport, the collision was at the top of a steep hill, if he was passing while heading UP that hill, it’s no wonder it was a head on. Oh, and no police presence cornwall to 417, both there and back , not one spotted.

  7. We went to Costco in Ottawa last weekend. We were going the speed limit and a truck passed us and 2 other vehicles all at once. Yes he passed 3 of us. Then he cut into the lane briefly and came back out and passed 2 others. No police were seen either on the way there or coming back as it’s like that most times when we travel the 138.

  8. That’s what i’m saying Pete, I’d like to see some answers about the lack of law enforcement and percentage of fatalities/accidents that happen on open stretches of road, as opposed to being due to the lack of turning lanes before anyone starts asking for $40 million to put in four tuning lanes and widening. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 138 if people would drive properly.

  9. I think it’s all about timing on the 138. On my travels on the 138 I see OPP cars, marked and unmarked, all the time.

  10. Pete Walbee you sure were brave to make the trip to Costco here in Ottawa. The cars are completely insane and my husband and I go out everyday and curse at the insanity going on and no no cops very rare and they drive to kill. My son is out just now with his car and we worry all the time. The streets are like the race track and many accidents happen all the time.

  11. I don’t think anyone will dispute that opp use the 138 Hugger, what i’m saying is that they should make a presence KNOWN on the 138, with visible and hidden speed traps. I have never seen a car pulled over being ticketed on the 138. I never see opp cars sitting, obviously speed trapping. You’re telling me it’s about timing? I travel to Ottawa 4 to 6 times per month, for over a year.

  12. I challenge anyone, take a drive if you’re bored from Cornwall to Casselman on the 138, and report how many times you’re tailgated and passed while going the speed limit. That’s the main problem with that highway, is the speeding and passing on solid lines. How about speed cameras? We need solutions.

  13. If you drive the 138 or any highway with safety in mind you will be well but if you are an idiot like 99% of drivers today you will get killed or kill others. Just lately 4 people were burned to death in their car near Kingston and that has to do with careless driving. There should be speed cameras everywhere and when people have no brains to use then something has to be done.

  14. I have seen farmers come out of the country roads right onto the 138 and some drivers would whiz right by them and that is mighty dangerous. My heart would pound like hell to see that. Today people are constantly in a hurry for nothing. They speed and those of us who are way behind catch up to them at the light. So much insanity today. I miss the past badly and that is the truth.

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