#OPP Bear Sighting In Wendover Near Hawkesbury – MAY 19, 2017

Hawkesbury Ontario –  The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Hawkesbury detachment is asking residents in the village of Wendover (Alfred-Plantagenet Township) to be extra aware of their surroundings after hearing reports of a black bear being spotted on Route 25 near Nine Mile Road. Although the bear appeared to be roaming around and was not in danger of harming anyone, the OPP would still like to remind residents that extreme caution should be taken if a black bear is spotted.

Hawkesbury OPP Constable Jason Chenier says: “Residents can help minimize the risk on an encounter by removing or controlling access to things that attract hungry bears like bird/pet food and garbage, as well as grease and food residue on barbecues”.

Anyone who spots a black bear entering populated areas such as school yards, residences or farm areas are asked to immediately call 911. If the bear is roaming through garbage cans, climbing a tree or moving through a rural property without lingering, residents should call the non-emergency Bear Wise reporting line at 1-866-514-2327 . For additional tips on how to reduce the risk of attracting black bears in populated areas, visit ontario.ca/bearwise.


  1. Black bears are pretty common all over eastern Ontario. This is news?

  2. Furtz I remember some years ago when Cornwall had a black bear and its cub walking down Emma Street and also at Guindon Park where a man spotted one while fishing in a pond and it scared the living hell out of him and he threw he bike over the fence and pedaled like hell to get the hell out of there. Yes they are common creatures in this area of Ontario.

  3. QUESTION: why the picture of Murphy, was this a paid political announcement from Benson ?

  4. Jules, we have had black bears living around our area (Thousand Islands) since I can remember. Not a big deal if people use their heads and keep their distance. We had one in our yard a few years ago trying to retrieve fast-food scraps out of my car. I stepped out onto my porch and yelled at it vigorously, and it just left a big poop on the lawn and disappeared. Not a problem at all.

  5. Author

    When I was young we have a country place on Lake Champlain. Our two samoyeds brought home a little black pup one weekend. I slept with it all weekend begging my mom to let me keep him. When the Humane Society picked it up they looked at us like we were nuts as it was in fact a little black bear cub 🙂

  6. That’s hilarious Jamie. Can’t imagine mistaking a dog for a bear, or a bear for a dog.. My biggest fear is hitting a bear on my motorbike. A friend of mine hit a bear on his bike in Pennsylvania a few years ago. The bike was totalled, and it took a few months for his bones to heal.

  7. Furtz you were left a little deposit. LOL LOL. ROLF! Here in Ottawa my husband and I spotted a deer in the Vincent Massey Park and we haven’t gone down that way in years it was past where the O Train goes above the park. When we saw the deer we reported it to the lady in charge of the park.

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