Another Cornwall Clique Business Goes Down in Flames Candace Zimmer VITALGLOW May 31, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – I never am happy when a business goes down in flames.  However when it’s a business that boycott’s CFN it takes the sting away a bit..

I mean why would you open a business in a community and not send a release to the largest newspaper?   Why would you refuse to talk advertising when we have the largest audience and offer by far the best value, and then burn through wads of cash with Corus Radio when they rarely aren’t even the #1 station in Cornwall?

Again, I’m a firm supporter of the free market, but if someone is prejudicial against your business, in this case, ultimately the community, we have every right to celebrate their successes and losses.

In this case Candace Zimmer has stated to CFN that Vitalglow is bankrupt which will be upsetting to her clients that have paid in advance for memberships and services, and those that she owes money to.

The good news is that we’re told that Domino’s Pizza will be taking over the commercial location on 2nd street.

Ms Zimmer also threatened us with legal action if we wrote about the demise of her business.   Which is odd thing to threaten…..

Vitalglow joins the list of silly business people that boycotted CFN and flamed out including Kevin & Wendy Hargreaves Kelsey’s franchise, Cornwall Career College, Latour Financial, and Jane MacMillan’s Cornwall School of Dance. I’m sure there are a few others…

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  1. Jamie do you know what site that your wacky jules comes on first – yes your CFN before I go anywhere else. Just a while ago hubby and I met a man from Edmonton in the park with his dog Uncle Steven a beagle and I enjoyed the dog and he gave me a fridge magnet with his dog on it and we enjoyed the man’s company. The wife is a professor at Carleton University. We had a very nice conversation.

  2. Jamie your paper is the best and I would never say that unless I meant every word. Jamie your readers live not only in Cornwall but outside in different cities and towns. The only way that people recognize Cornwall from outside is the stink that used to exist and the pedophiles and all. LOL LOL. You have the very best paper and that is the truth. This is the first place I come to.

  3. Author

    Jules what the heck does your comment have to do with the story we published?

  4. The dog Uncle Steven was taken from a puppy mill and the dog was very aggressive and hostile and it took him two years to get him to be obedient and good with people. I almost cried in the park because of all the hell that animals are going through in Cornwall and elsewhere. I takes mighty good owners to have pets.

  5. Sad when any business goes bankrupt. Is Domino’s an asset to that space? I’m not a fan of Domino’s pizza. So we’ll see.

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