Dear Alex Radulov – Please Don’t Be A Dink. Show the Love Back. By Jamie Gilcig JUNE 23, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – You know I lurve you Big Guy.  I wrote that the Habs should sign you because it was a perfect marriage.

I know you could make more money elsewhere,but should you?  Is life all about money?   You know the love you felt from Montreal fans.  If you help deliver Lord Stanley’s Cup, and we both know you could, you would be a legend.

You would never have to buy a drink the rest of your life in Montreal.   There’s always been some magical connection between Russian and French Culture.  You won’t get that in any other city.

Here’s the thing though; in the cap age you can’t go crazy.  You need the team to be able to get you team mates as you discovered this year.

Alex, I tell you this as someone that loves hockey and will bleed bleu, blanc, et rouge, forever no matter how badly the team is run, we both know you want to stay.    Show those of us that love what you bring to the game and sign back up for 4 years $25M.  It’ll be the best decision you ever make in your career.

Yes, you can make a bit more elsewhere, but when you’re old and sitting back having a drink you’ll have memories of these next four years that you simply wouldn’t otherwise.

And the sooner you sign the sooner Bergy can overpay and trade for Shipachyov from Vegas so you have a real centre to play with.

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