Ottawa Police Investigate Elmhurst Park Shooting Homicide 072417

Homicide Investigation: Elmhurst Park area

(Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) is investigating a homicide and shootings in the Elmhurst Park area near Alpine Avenue and Tavistock Road.

Today, at 7:08 a.m., OPS was notified of a male who arrived at the Queensway-Carleton Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. His injuries are serious.

While investigating the shooting of that first victim another male victim was located deceased at 8:44 a.m. in the area of Alpine Avenue and Tavistock Road.

The Major Crime Units is investigating two incidents that are believed to be connected.  There are multiple crime scenes being processed at this time.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Ottawa Police Service at 613-236-1222.


  1. I just looked at one of Ottawas papers and the religion of peace is at the shoot it up game again. I saw the names and yes all from the religion of peace. You have no idea what is going on here in Ottawa with all the rapefugees and all.

  2. When you assume you make an ass out of u and me. Nuff said.

  3. Like what my Lebanese Christian Maronite husband said yesterday the Islamic refugees coming over and shooting each other up has to do with drug gangs and prostitution, etc. They are shooting each other up like they do in the Middle East. You bring these people over and it destroys the rest of us. You all have no idea what is coming our way. Look up Sharia Law and you will find out.

  4. I would love the geese and its poop any day compared to the dirty humans of today and that is the entire truth about who I am. I see geese and other creatures every day and I love them all but humans are disgusting and evil for the things that they do. Condos in the park are not going to improve the society today – it can lead to greater problems.

  5. Author

    Jules aren’t you too a human?

  6. Jamie I could spend a great deal of the day with animals and love it. I love animals very much. Someone said about goose poop well something can be done about that through the Ministry of Environment. About those electric motorcycles we have the same problem here in Ottawa and their are signs but nobody pays attention.

  7. Jamie for a great many years I have been trying to figure out just what species I am but the one thing I can tell you is that I don’t belong in this kind of society today. Yes I am human. I can just hear my little friend Fitzy having a good laugh. Give him a pat for me and a cookie. Love you little Fitzy.

  8. Jamie I spotted news on about a street in the Mechanicsville area of Ottawa in a low income apartment. A 35 year old woman was killed and she left behind her 2 year old baby who was left on his own for 10 days. The child was not in a crib nor a playpen or else he would have been dead. The child was able to eat from the fridge, etc. to survive. A maintenance man went to enter the apt.

  9. To continue the story a maintenance man entered the apt. and was in shock and contacted the authorities. Tenants helped with the care of the child and changed the diaper and was taken to hospital. There is so much drugs going on here in Ottawa and a next door neighbor heard banging on the wall but living in these boxes you cannot tell what is going on. I will be checking the newspapers soon.

  10. Jamie things are getting worse and worse all the time here in Ottawa with all of the crimes, murders, etc. A lot of people are afraid to venture out. I haven’t heard my daughter say the words that she is afraid to walk the streets anymore here in Ottawa that is how bad things are getting. The cops in Cornwall could never handle what is going on here and good to keep as much away from the public

  11. Jamie I am a very special human and when I see things are not right I say it. I love animals very much Jamie and they are the best. My little friend Rudy the little dog on my street was under a tree getting some shade yesterday and so was another bigger dog at another house. Rudy had his little bark for my daughter and I when we went by. I love animals very much.

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