Akwesasne Lawyer CLIFFORD SUNDAY Suspended by LSUC 072417

Cornwall Ontario – Clifford Sunday’s career as a lawyer may be over.  As of this story it’s been suspended.   The former Iron Worker who speaks Mohawk and put himself through law school did not respond to this story. His phone number has a no service recording.  At one point he had been counsel for the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne.

His office was on Second Street in Cornwall, Ontario.


Mr. Sunday was fined and suspended after not responding to the investigation about the quality of service he provided.

It’s similar to what happened with financial planner Gilles Latour who initially didn’t cooperate with his investigation  by the CMA.

Telling your regulator that they don’t have authority over you certainly is rarely a productive tactic.

Apparently Mr. Sunday can attempt to be reinstated if  he pays his penalties and complies with the LSUC investigation.

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