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Cornwall Ontario – Makeup should always be fun.  It has no limits to what you can create! While there are no rules in makeup there are however Do’s and Dont’s that can help you achieve the perfect look and make things a lot easier in the process so I’ve decided to give you some guideline tips!

Do match your foundation to your jaw line or décolleté.  It’ll be the best match for you face and neck!

Don’t try matching it to the skin on your arm.  It will not be the right shade and can give you that line around your face that we dread

Do use a concealer two shades lighter then your skin when covering dark circles.

Don’t go any lighter.  It’ll bring more attention to that area and look too light! If you have dark blueish/greenish circles try a peachy/salmon concealer it’ll cancel it right out remember to set the under eye with powder to avoid creasing and cracking.

Do apply a cream contour after applying or under foundation depending on how natural you want it to look and make sure to blend it out! Cream contour is much more natural then powder is so it’s really a preference.

Don’t apply a cream contour after applying powder  as it’ll move the product you already have and won’t look right.

Do use a regular powder to set your foundation and or contour.

Don’t use a powder foundation over liquid foundation as it’ll give you that dreaded cakey look.

Do use a matte shade when powder contouring.

Do not use a bronzer with glitter to contour you can however use any bronzer of your choice after you’ve contoured.

Do use a a shade or two lighter when doing your eyebrows if you have brown/black hair, if you have blonde/red hair you’ll want to go a shade or two darker then your hair to avoid looking washed out.

Don’t use anything darker than your brown/black hair.  If you have blonde/red hair avoid going too light as it’ll wash out your face.

Do line your lips directly around your lip line.  If you want to give the appearance of a fuller lip you can use a lip liner just outside of your natural line.

Don’t go crazy and over draw your lips as it’ll look really unnatural and draw unwanted attention to that area.

Here are a few tips and tricks that I find helpful when applying makeup.

To prolong your makeup use a primer before applying anything else to the face and a setting spray at the end to keep that fresh look!

For eyeshadow I’ve made a list on what shades look best based on your eye colour however this is just a tip you can use any colour you want it’s what you like best that matters!

For those beautiful blue eyes, oranges,browns, golds and peachy pinks will really make them pop!

For pretty green eyes think plums, purples, and pinks to really get them to stand out.

For your gorgeous hazel brown eyes you can basically use any shade you want, lucky! From golden browns to whites all shades will make those pupils stand out.

For dark brown eyes try deeper shades like dark greys, navy blues, browns and blacks.

A great tip is to do your eyes first that way if you have fallout you can just wipe it off and it won’t ruin your makeup.

If you’re going for a bold eye then try using a more natural lip colour.

Liquid matte lipsticks are all the rage right now! Make sure to exfoliate your lips if you don’t have an actual lip scrub.  A little water and sugar will do the exact same thing followed by a little lip balm!

I’ve really been loving the lip sense liquid lipstick and gloss because a lot of liquid lipsticks will dry your lips out but this one is infused with shea butter which really helps to keep them soft and avoids cracking, and they even have the “oops” remover to correct mistakes or take it off!

If you’re interested in finding out more or trying out a few products I’ll leave a link to at the end so you can take a look Krista is very fast at replying so ask away she’s more then happy to help!

I’ll wrap this up by saying that makeup should always be fun, and you should wear what you feel you look best in.

These are simply some guidelines and tips that I’ve learned along the way so don’t be afraid to step outside the box and try new things the more you practice the better you get!

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Please post your comments and questions below and thanks for reading!

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