Hammond, ON – Southeast of Ottawa in the community of Hammond there is a business that is a throwback to the early days of rural Ontario, before the mass production throwaway age, when you had to make the implements you needed to make a living. The blacksmith shop was central to most rural communities where farmers could get a blade made or a piece of equipment repaired. Vans Blacksmithing is both a revival of a time honoured skill and a homage to the early days of Canadian farming communities.


Josh Van Noy is the business owner and the blacksmith/educator of Vans Blacksmithing. It wasn’t an accident that he became a blacksmith. He actually pursued the career through Ontario Ministry of Training and even found his own mentor to apprentice with. Now not only does he have a number of commercial clients but he provides training to people who are interested in the skill either for personal or professional reasons.



The first thing that will strike you about Josh is that he looks like a blacksmith. His big hands, thick wrists and strong arms gives the impression of a stoic skilled worker from the 19th century. However, when he talks about his trade, his keen mind and enthusiasm are even more impressive.


To find out more about Vans Blacksmithing sales, services and training go to the web site.


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