Was There No Crime in Cornwall for 5 Days? No Reports From CCPS 081728

Cornwall Ontario – With a budget of approximately $18M per year it’s boggling how the Cornwall Community Police Service under Chief Dan Parkinson and a police board chaired by Andre Rivette refuses to communicate with the public.

Where other nearby services put out notices in a timely fashion our police service reveals less than 2% of crimes in this city.

Scary enough that’s 2% more than the Fire Service does.

The last reporting from the CCPS media page on its website is August 23rd. Today is the 28th.   Likewise it’s facebook and Twitter pages have scant info.

With buzz that City Hall is talking about a 6% raise in taxes for 2018 surely it’s time for a bit more transparency and accountability?

Both fire and police services have refused this newspaper’s requests for simple reporting of calls and events as other communities share.

Is this about serving the community or fighting to keep their budget.

For example, cutting the difference between SD&G OPP services and the CCPS would put $3-4M per year back into city coffers which would go a long way to building up infrastructure reserves rather than even discussing a 6% tax hike.

To put that in reference SD&G spends about $158 per person per year for the OPP.  Cornwall spends $396.68 per resident with less service availability.  Does that make any sense?  Half the difference would be $119.34 per person or a whopping $5,489,640 per year!

At what point to people take a deep breath and simply acknowledge that there is in fact an end to the public’s purse?

This will be THE ISSUE in the upcoming municipal election.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   You can post your comments below.


  1. Going to OPP is an option. But I know some municipalities are now having second thoughts on doing so. If we change over we are responsible for all start up costs. I can’t see the OPP using the CCPS facilities. It may be an issue in the election, but it won’t be the defining one. Control of dept budgets and taxes will be the major issues. Time for the broom to come out at city hall.

  2. Author

    Hugger can you please provide some supporting links to communities unhappy with switching to the OPP? And for the record all I’ve suggested is we explore and compare and ask the CCPS to compete for our support. It’s time for the pendulum to swing back in favor of the poor abused taxpayers.

    Again, if Chief Parkinson is happy with OPP service over on Yacht Blvd then it should be fine for we poor Cornwallites.

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  4. I don ‘t keep links to stories I read in newspapers and other media. All I can recall is that some municipalities were having second thoughts after changing over to the OPP due to start up costs and annual increases. I agree it should be looked at. But to move to the OPP, IMHO, it needs to provide a massive monetary reduction in costs to be successful and to appear to be successful.

  5. Author

    Well Hugger you can google your thesis, no? You’re making a statement of fact without backing up the facts 🙂

  6. Author

    Hugger it wasn’t an edict from the Mount 🙂

  7. Morning,
    He (Parkinson) has to go ! But, we also need a complete sweep at the Police Board. They are the ones that CAN control the budget. Presently, our Board rubber stamps what our outa-town Chief desires. We (citizens) can no longer afford these (fire also) out of control budgets. A wage freeze should be implemented on both, as when Lumley was Mayor, but that would take leadership !

  8. Author

    Hugger your first two stories were from before 2015 while the province is addressing a new funding formula.

    Your last link is interesting. Orangeville us currently paying $346 per person for its force. The CCPS is $396! The OPP proposal in your story for Orangeville including a $1M plus one time start fee would be $310 per person for the first 3 year contract. It would then roll into the standard provincial formula.

  9. Jamie, the reason why there were no reports from “CCPS” for 5 days, highway #2 was under construction , so the Chief couldn’t make it into the City ? lol

  10. Author

    Ivan the board has been an embarrassment since the allegations of Rivette flashing his card to get out of a ticket. During my false police charges the Chief was up for a new contract which he got after the election. This will most likely never be properly investigated or answered for.

    We need an outside investigation of the CCPS and we need to clean house. Clearly we are overpaying for service while the police refuse to disclose basics such as calls for service.

    The biggest question is why so many are standing for this. Is it simply because the other media are dropping the ball out of fear of losing ad revenue from the city?

  11. My point was not to be date specific. My point was that police costs, no matter whom is used as a police service, that costs are obscene. And obscene, IMHO, is being kind to these costs.

  12. Author

    Hugger I agree. It’s a monopoly mandated by the province with very little wiggle room which is why it’s critical for a community like Cornwall to hold the CCPS to account and/or have dialogue about the OPP if the answers don’t make sense. Right now it’s pretty clear that about $3-5M per year is being overpaid to the CCPS without any true accounting to the public. Where is this money going and what is it being spent on? Does it make sense to dialog about jacking taxes up 6% this year or tackling what more than enough could cover our infrastructure needs?

  13. Ryan Blocker that made me laugh about the chief stuck at home during the road construction. I will say this that there is something mighty fishy to put criminal charges on someone who didn’t do anything wrong. Someone is behind this and the chief is deep in doo doo land with the culprits. This is a frame up and yes the CPS has to be ditched immediately and that charge has to be taken off.

  14. Jamie you have to get legal representation from elsewhere and not Cornwall at all. Forget that man Moak who is a legal assistant and not a lawyer. Get a damn good lawyer from Ottawa that some get a good Jewish lawyer who will get you off this insanity. When you get that lawyer sue the pants and the living hell out of CPS and the town of Cornwall and I mean that fully. I want to say even more.

  15. Author

    Jules Mr. Moak is a paralegal and a fine one who is undefeated for CFN. Good lawyers cost a lot of money and the bad guys conspire to make sure I can’t afford one or more of them 🙂

    All good things come to those who wait and I have a hunch that justice will be served and history will look very poorly at a lot of people in this area clique that have not only hurt this newspaper, but more importantly their very own community. And when they try to figure out why they’ve swallowed so many lies very few of them would even know why…

  16. The clique in Cornwall is mighty evil and will do anything to hurt others and that is one of the reasons I wouldn’t put my feet down there to live at all. If I were to ever leave Ottawa I would have to choose another town where this insanity does not happen and in the meantime I am up here in my imaginary penthouse. LOL LOL.

  17. Jamie when I lived in Cornwall I knew of many things that went on and I knew about the clique and their evil doings. I woke up much more than ever before when this evil witch hunt happened to you and the clique and their followers are mighty envious of you because you are the very best down in that town. None of them can match you and they know it and all they can do is try and harm the good peo

  18. Cornwall needs a complete overhall of the CPS and whoever comes in to police Cornwall should not have anything to do with the clique at all nor give favors for the likes of Rivette or anyone no matter who they are. The people of Cornwall should go and live elsewhere to become normal and functioning properly. The town is way too corrupt for me to live in.

  19. Jamie I wouldn’t doubt that Mr. Moak is a good legal person for your company but a lawyer is one who debates in court. You know about Karma well something happened at my daughters place of work that I cannot talk about (many things) but this one person is known to be bad a manager and he got back what he dished out to others. I am keeping mum but what goes around comes back even worse.

  20. Author

    Jules paralegals can deal with all issues in small claims court, some in Superior. The biggest issue is that they are not allowed for most appeals. That sucks.

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