MP Lauzon Out As Canada Day Chair & Fail on Refugees in Cornwall. By Jamie Gilcig 082617

CORNWALL ONTARIO – MP Guy Lauzon will no longer be chairing Canada Day events in Cornwall CFN has learned.

The event had been run through his riding office for several years with no audited books.  His executive assistant was alleged to have stated that because the committee meetings are “in camera” that they didn’t have to disclose their numbers.

After CFN exposed this fiscal buffoonery there was an area silence until it was discovered that the MP was stepping down similar to the fiscal buffoonery that he and his friends and family had done with the local Habitat for Humanity affiliate several years ago.

The MP has a new book out talking about his younger hoodlum days, but frankly, if you dress a hoodlum up nicely as his wife Frances does; you still have a hoodlum as evidenced in the video below where the MP threatens this writer with the minister of Justice over a non governmental issue.  (The Habitat scandal)

This week has been a strange news week locally, mostly about the refugees now based at NAV Can.

The MP has been near absent over the issue leaving council and the community bewildered with very few answers to very important questions.

If our MP was doing his job would there be this much confusion?

With his advanced age and Mrs. Lauzon’s health concerns the rumblings, even among local Conservatives, is who will run for the party and can they even keep the riding.

The Liberals are expected to parachute a candidate as their local riding association is near non existent and in shambles.

Councilor Bernadette Clement failed twice to beat Lauzon and it’s questionable if Justin would want to risk the riding on a two time loser like Bernie who many are blaming for the refugees being at NAV Can (which has been a lucrative cash infusion for the facility)  as that’s where she has her hen parties and allegedly has been pushing business to at the expense of tax paying facilities like the Best Western and Ramada that actually are in the Cornwall area rather than the outskirts.

Have you had enough of Guy Lauzon too?  Or Ms Clement for that matter?  You can post your comments below.


  1. I’m not a big fan of the liberals, and especially Clement who seems to always have the here and now in mind which is fine, but never the future. She seems to be an echo chamber and never has anything original to add, just what she’s “heard”. It will be interesting to see who takes the riding, although I beleive it will be a conservative, no matter who that candidate is. We’ll see.

  2. Author

    Jerry I think as messed up as our community is that if a candidate of good quality steps up that truly will represent the community, that party affiliation will take a back seat. In political terms you always want to be with the governing party, but there’s no given. And in this riding a Conservative win shouldn’t be considered a given with its history and make up. Lauzon benefitted from Harper more than Harper benefitted from Lauzon.

  3. The more things change the more they stay the same.

  4. Lets see who gets suckered into chairing the Canada day committee. Its a thankless job.

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