Will the #rosearmy Condemn Angelina Jolie & Other Women For Harveying? By Jamie Gilcig 101317

Cornwall Ontario –   So you’re a big star shooting on a film set.   The Assistant Director calls on you to come to the set to shoot your first scene of the day.

You say that you won’t come out unless they crawl under the blanket with you and give you kisses and cuddles.

That’s it. No nudity.   No butt grabbing or sex.

What do you do?

Do you risk offending the big movie star?

Do you say no and potentially even risk your job?

How do you know the intentions of the actor?   Is the actor just being cute and friendly?

Does it matter if the actor is a male or female?  Does their sexuality matter?

What if it’s Angelina Jolie and the AD was a man?  We’ve now seen members of the #rosearmy and others condemn people for doing far less.

There are lines.  There really are.  I had a woman on anti-social media blast me because I complimented her by saying she was a hottie.  Honestly what is the world coming to in 2017?

Don’t misunderstand me.  I totally believe many of the allegations against Harvey Weinstein and categorically think what he and others do is wrong, but honestly,   if you fire every single person who crosses these strange new lines, there simply would probably be very few people left in the biz.    Rose might end up running a studio.

We’re now seeing comments in media stories from an awful lot of actors, but what’s really interesting is that they knew.   They state as such.   And if they knew and talked to others a lot of people knew.    And if you’re an actor and a producer wants to see you “after hours” at their hotel room, home, or office, and you’re not hip, then frankly the onus is on you no matter how you spin it.

I’ve been blasted for stating my opinion that victims of these types, the stay silent, or even worse, take blood money for their silence as Rose did, are a big part of the problem.   They are no heroes for coming out decades later.  They are no heroic.  The heroes are those that step up when the event happens as it’s not an easy thing to do.

People say that they stay silent because of the ordeal of filing complaints, and retribution, possibly ending of careers,and they of course are right.  It’s not an easy thing to do.  Predators and their lawyers count on that silence.  When someone files a complaint with police there’s a case number.  It’s on the record even if there is no charge filed.   Enough complaints and eventually it becomes hard for police to not charge someone.

There’s also the issue of false claims which sadly are far too often.   As a matter of fact, speaking with some law enforcement officers, they stated more claims are false that real.   Not that many more, but enough that it makes their jobs tougher because as we’ve seen, once your name hits the media you lose your career or worse which means that’s it’s an easy form of retribution for rejection in one manner or another.   There’s little to no penalty given to those that make false claims even though they can destroy lives if their lies stick.

I myself have been the victim of false allegations multiple times including being put in a jail cell the only time in my life.    I’ve had a woman call police not once, but twice, claiming I was doing things when I clearly wasn’t  there to do the things she alleged.  Both times the police refused to charge her which is scary as it reinforces she could pull that without fear of retribution legally.

I had one lunatic running around social media telling people I was a pedophile.   That led to some online threats of violence.  It was only when it finally came out that the woman in question was twenty one that the angry mob became less angry.

We live in an unjust society.  Most people simply are hypocrites, as is Ms McGowan and many in her army.  Some are victims, many are untreated victims who never have had the support or care they needed and with social media now we see and hear the ramifications of that.  Many were broken before they met Harvey.   Most actors are cats of a different colour.

And you wonder why sex was dead in John Orwell’s 1984.   People are being socially engineered to not be able to communicate or emotionally handle life.   From school yard bullying, to parenting, to mating.   In 2017 there are apps to get laid, but there are no apps for building and maintaining relationships.  Frankly it’s scary.

I know personally I’m very careful now about where I hang out and with whom.    In this job I’ve seen the best and worst of people, but sadly I’m seeing far more of the worst than best.

As for Rose & Harvey, another story will replace them soon enough.    My prediction is that Harvey one day will be back at work, but Rose, not so much.

Corporately the entertainment world will say the right things, and do the right things, but over drinks and among their trusted selves, the conversations will be different.

Right now it’s as one old film producer once said:

The inmates are running the asylum.  

At the end of the day though there’s a very scary vein of fascism and the herd mentality that is underneath the #rosearmy.  If you don’t agree with the pack they will scream louder and run you over.  That’s bullying.  That’s scary.  That’s actually more scary than a common sexual predator.  That’s conform or die time.  It’s not revenge. It’s not Feminism.  It’s everyday old school Fascism. It’s something every man and woman should think about.


  1. Hollywood….surprised?? Nope, it happens everywhere, not just in La-La Land.

  2. That was George Orwells 1984 real name Eric Blair. I remember that book and we are in the 1984 sequel of today. Hold on to your seats for more to come. Well Jamie hubby and I were talking about that this morning and even the supers wife said yesterday how people changed for the worst and it is getting much worse. This happens everywhere and it is so true. Hollyweird was always like that.

  3. Jamie you lived in LA for a while and Hollywood has always been the way of touching and even rape. There is no place where this doesn’t go on even in the government and other offices everywhere. I have seen things even where my daughter works in a store and one of the girls who was always touched is no longer working there. It was like a real whore house what went on. I cant say too much.

  4. Author

    Jules kids need to know how to deal with bullies and abusers. And we need to be more accountable when issues happen. It’s not rocket science.

  5. More and more women are coming out about Harvey Weinstein and one is Canadian actress Sarah Poley. When I worked in the federal government I saw plenty and it took two to make this happen. The guilt was not all one sided. This has always been and always will be. The cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork. LOL LOL.

  6. WOW!!!! Blaming the victim. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  7. Author

    No Hugger. Asking the questions, because statements like “I’m the proof” lead to lives destroyed and statistics show that more allegations are false than true sadly with no real repercussion for the party that makes them. That’s why it’s critical for those real victims to be better supported. In other words, because so many false allegations are brought to police, real victims sometimes get overlooked.

  8. I was referring to the statement “it took two to make this happen.” To me that is trying to put blame on the victim, not where it belongs. I agree that there are plenty of false accusations. No one knows what truly happened besides the accused and the victims. It’ll be hard to get to the real truth

  9. Author

    Unfortunately the accused is usually destroyed before their innocence has been cleared or totally smeared. Locally I’ve been twice accused by Traci Trottier, both times cleared, my false police charge, totally cleared, had a nutter on fb sharing, which went near viral, that I was a pedophile, which was again, proven false, had the city say CFN is frequently full of profanity, which it isn’t, had the President of the Chamber telling council that my radio station was a Pirate station, which it wasn’t, had shared that I stole from a charity, which was proven I didn’t including the President of said charity post a statement to the Freeholder…..and more. This is a community that lives on lies sadly….

  10. Sadly I agree.

  11. The problem in any job or any industry is that it takes two to tangle and if you are not willing to go along with this dirt then you refuse and if it costs you your job then so what your reputation remains intact. This is nothing new at all and goes on just about everywhere. You are there for your job and that is all. You cannot trust anyone especially nowadays.

  12. Jamie what I said is all true. What goes around comes around and much worse to the person who hurt others. All those who have hurt you in Cornwall are going to pay for it mighty dearly and this is the truth. Jamie you are a good person and I can see that for myself at this end. Cornwall is something else – I have been hurt as well and I don’t wish to live there ever again.

  13. The more I think about Harvey Weinstein the more I am smelling some sort of a rat. I am thinking that Harvey rose very high up in movies and someone or some people want him to disappear and all of this is to do just that. Yes I do believe that he had his hands all over the women but this happens everywhere. This is a witch hunt against him. This is the feeling that I have.

  14. Jamie my good man since Trump is DRAINING THE SWAMP well the swamp in Hollywood as well as the District of Criminals Washington is the penicle of pedophilia and Trump is going against many. Listen to this video that I saw some time ago: This is why the Deep State is targeting Trump – Liz Crokin
    The same is true with everything else. The shooting in Los Vegas is another that smells like a rat.

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