Holy Gilles Latour! Pre Trial Starts Halloween Morning 103117

Cornwall Ontario – Gilles Latour looks to be finally seeing his day in court. His pre trial started before Judge Johanne Cardinal Lafrance in Cornwall this morning.

Latour is being repped by Ottawa Criminal lawyer Sean May .  50 items were listed against Mr. Latour on the court docket early this morning outside of courtroom 10.

Mr. Latour was charged in 2014.   There were questions about his investigation as Cornwall’s fraud officer left during the process.

He was indicted by the MFDA and fined over $900,000 after the MFDA ruled on 43 counts.  It has not been released whether Mr. Latour, former President of Team Cornwall and Liberal bagman, has paid any monies towards his fines.

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  1. Well, well, well look who is back in the spotlight Tit Gilles Latour. I wonder what costume he is wearing at his court date – maybe trying to sell some of this mutual funds to the judge or maybe throw the judge off the bench and say that he is the judge. Maybe Tit Gilles might wear a Court Jester Costume for his trial. These people get away with everything as long as there is money.

  2. This money bags may get off because of his connections. If he were the little average man in Cornwall he would be nailed to the cross and no good lawyer only legal aid or something like that. The rich always get away with everything.

  3. If Latour gets off it won’t be because of his connections, it’ll be due to his high priced mouth piece.. I think the clique has distanced themselves from this embarrassment. He is finished as far as being a “financial advisor” goes and banned by the MFDA. And if I recall he isn’t even living here now.

  4. So Gilles has plead guilty including one charge of forgery and will be sentenced in March. Finally maybe a little justice.

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